Blog Post 6 January 2022

Today’s Full Moon in Cancer is the perfect celestial movement to start off 2023.  As I have said before 2023 is the Year of our Divinity – the year when we step into what we know and feel to be true and see this for what it is – our true and empowered selves existing and operating under our own personal and sovereign navigation system.

The Moon rules Cancer and so when the Moon returns to this sign of the zodiac our emotions and all that is Cancerian about us comes to the fore.  Cancerian energy is a highly intuitive energy as well as a very creative energy and so when the Full Moon illuminates these parts of us, we can really feel what we need to do or produce next and also know on a deep level how this will benefit us.  The stronger your intuition or gut instinct is, the more readily you will rely on it and the more you will be able to see how this part of you guides and supports you at all times, through all of life’s ups and downs.  So, at the time of this Full Moon, we can all expect to feel things on a deeper level, to be able to see and know more about others and to also dream more prophetically or even see and feel things around us with incredible clarity and knowing.  This then encourages us to pay more attention to this part of ourselves and to develop it further so that we can absolutely know it will always be there as that reliable Higher Self energy that has our best interests at heart.

Full Moons bring things to a head and things to fruition – the seeds we sow at the New Moon can be harvested at this time and it allows us to also bring up what needs to be eliminated or let go of, so as we can happily move forward. So, look back to what you were wanting from life or endeavouring to manifest at the last New Moon on 23 December 2022, and you can see if the efforts and energies you put into this were successful for you or not.  Always bearing in mind, however, that sometimes your hopes and dreams can take longer to manifest than you would like them to, and that they can also often require more work or focus than you initially thought that they would to fully fall into place for you.

The more you rely on what you feel and know to be true within yourself the more empowered you become, and the more empowered you feel the more confidence you have and the more confidence, you have the more you can take on and achieve.  We step into our true divinity and Higher Self energy when we listen to that inner world and allow its wisdom and love to guide us. 

The Moon in Cancer can also bring out deep feelings of compassion within us as well as extreme sensitivity – so if you need to release some emotion and have a good cry, then do it, it’s a good time to let it all go and just release.  But do try not to project what is hurting you onto someone else – own what is yours in the knowledge that it is just another lesson along your soul’s journey and you have done nothing wrong.

Within every one of us is this beautiful shining light of love and it is this light that directs us towards what is for our own highest good and the highest good of those around us too. 

Most of all, the Full Moon in Cancer at the beginning of this powerful Number 7 year of Divinity is shining on our inner worlds – the world within us that is guided by our Higher Self energy.  This Moon will activate the theme of 2023 and encourage us ALL to go within and let our intuition shine the light that allows you to BELIEVE in what you see and feel there, encouraging you to be strong in what you feel to be true and in who you truly are.

This Full Moon is also opposing Pluto in Capricorn which will further encourage us all to look beyond the rules and regulations of the outside world and into our own inner world for our answers and guidance. Honour yourself, your inner world and all that makes you, YOU!  Full Moon Blessings to you all xox