Blog Post 29 December 2020

On 29/30 December we have the last Full Moon of 2020 which will fall in the sign of Cancer.  This is not only the last Full Moon for 2020 but the last time there will be a Full Moon in Cancer until 2022. 

Full Moons represent culminations and the fruition of what was begun at the New Moon this month, or months before.  We set our intention at the New Moon and then reap the benefits of the work and focus we put into that intention at the Full Moon.  As we entered December and experienced its New Moon, we were all in a space of moving out of the uncertainty and challenge of 2020 and setting our sights and intentions on seeing and living a better version of ourselves and our lives in the years ahead.

At this Full Moon, we will all feel a rise in our intuition or gut instinct.  Our emotions and feelings will be on an all-time high and this can encourage us to give more love, compassion and understanding to one another as we get to have a lot more insight, through our intuition, into what others are feeling and what they may be experiencing.  This heightening of emotions can also carry with it the challenge of falling into feelings of worthlessness and not being loveable, and so compassion for ourselves will also be a very important thing for us all to focus on.  The Aquarian Air influence building around us for the Age we are now in is enabling us to focus more on community and what we can do and be for the highest good of all concerned, rather than the strong Earth energy that has kept us all overly focussed for too long on lining our own pockets and serving our own material needs.  We are moving into a time on the earth plane where we are all being encouraged to think for ourselves, to be more sovereign within our lives and what we want from our selves and our lives, but for a different reason.  This time we are doing it for the greater good of ALL concerned, rather than just for our own personal benefit.  We are changing so as we can all see for ourselves how much we have to offer as individuals, well as so as we can become the great manifestors that we were all born to be.  Manifestation is the ability to create what you desire from within yourself – but to truly master this art you need to be in a space of deep understanding of who you truly are and to come from your heart centre. 

Cancerian energy is our reminder that self-love is the only way in which we can securely grow and feel safe, embrace our gifts, and have the confidence to share these with the world.  If we don’t love ourselves and what we do, we are empty and rattle around through life with integral parts of ourselves missing, unable to understand or accept what happens to us and around us, and also unable to manifest and create what we truly desire.  At this Full Moon, our emotions and feelings will be high, and we have the ability to use our intelligent mind and critical thinking, in conjunction with our emotions and feelings to set our intentions for 2021 and to also see and believe in what we are capable of achieving.  Both our creative and intelligent minds are vital to our advancement in life – without the creative mind you cannot think outside the box or your conditioning, and without your intelligent mind you cannot practically achieve what you have imagined.  Cancerian energy gives you the ability to merge these two parts of yourself with ease and this is why most Cancerians usually have an innate ability to see through situations and people, to understand the emotional as well as the intellectual side of everything. 

So, we have the opportunity, with this beautiful Full Moon radiating its lunar energy on us, to embrace our creativity, sensitivity, intuition and practicality to imagine and then manifest the life we desire.  But first and foremost, this Full Moon will illuminate for you where your self-love may be lacking as well as where you may be overly emotional or overly practical, and where the balance needs to be restored.  It is the end of the year and so it is a time of letting go of the old to make way for the new, and so it is very traditional to use this time of year to set your intentions, or New Year’s Resolutions, for the coming year.  I would encourage you all to make your intentions or Resolutions for 2021 to be ones where you allow yourself to love yourself.  I would ask you to truly and completely embrace and nurture that all important self-love through being compassionate and understanding with yourself, through encouraging yourself rather than belittling yourself, and by seeing your own beauty and glory rather than focussing on your faults.  You are not the victims of what you feel, rather you are the Masters of your emotions, and when you focus and operate in this manner you give birth and support to all that you positively create in your life.

At this Full Moon, it is also a powerful time to give life or to put into being a plan or project you have been working on that is dear to your heart.  Or, to put out there a new version of YOU and the person you wish to be both now and in the future.  Sharing your creative energy with others at this time will benefit all concerned, as well as give you the confidence and support you need to really believe in yourself and what you do and to also believe in the energy of sharing as a way to bring us all together in a positive and caring way.

We are stepping into a time of great change on the earth plane, and a time where humanity is being given the opportunity to either evolve into a better version of itself or to continue down its journey towards environmental and personal destruction and devastation.  Only we as the occupants and guardians of this planet can change this, and we do so by holding on to LOVE as the only way forward.  At this Full Moon let go of those limiting feelings and emotions that keep you believing that you are not good enough and not worthy enough, and instead put your own beautiful self first so as you can visualise and create the person you want to be, the life you want to live and the world you want to live in.  You are loved, you are blessed, and you are divine.  Full Moon blessings to you all xox