Blog Post 15 August 2019

Today’s Full Moon in Aquarius is an inspirational and celebrational one.  Aquarian energy represents your quirky side – that part of every one of us, that is unique and quirky to you alone – where you operate outside the box and where you dance to your own drumbeat.  We all have this somewhere in our Charts and so today we celebrate that part of us.

We are all souls on a journey and our Aquarian energy is where we bring a taste of something different to the world. A Full Moon occurs when the Moon opposes the Sun in the skies, and so at this time we have the energy of Aquarius opposing the energy of Leo, and when two planets oppose one another they bring a spark of change to the surface.  So, at this time our unique and special sides which make us different are being challenged by our desire to be appreciated and accepted.  This Full Moon encourages us to embrace those parts of ourselves where we know we are different and where we may lack confidence, and bring them into the light of the Sun to be blessed and expressed.  As Aquarian energy loves to do its own thing, Leo energy loves to be included.  So, you have an opportunity to shine – uniquely, innovatively, creatively and simply because this is who you are and what you have to share with the world.

Aquarian energy always represents our humanitarian sides and the environment and we can use this energy to make a difference in our lives that can then be shone out into the world.  Aquarian energy also embraces technology, forward-thinking and innovative thinking at the highest level making this Full Moon time full of promise for breakthroughs in solutions for the planet’s wellbeing and care.  We can use this Full Moon to make a difference to our planet in some way, and what we begin now can then also be put in place to be our new way forward.

Don’t be afraid to shine your light out.  You are YOU; you are unique and you are loved for all of this and more.  As we explore and accept the parts of ourselves that we know are different to others, we make peace with them and as we make peace with them we become confident to share them.  The Sun’s energy at this time loves to share and to show the world who it truly is, and so this energy can embrace and express that unique and quirky part of you allowing you to have the confidence to step into it and shine.

Be who you are – everyone else is taken – at this Full Moon.  Don’t be afraid to make a difference in the way that is most makes sense to you and to all that you believe in.  Celebrate yourself in all your glory and perfection and never be afraid to dance to your own drumbeat.  Full Moon blessings to you all.  xox