Blog Post 27 November 2020

On 30 November/1 December 2020, we have a Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini.  Full Moons bring things to fruition, as well as shining light on what needs to be seen and encouraging us to expand upon our goals and dreams.  They bring out what has been sitting just below the surface and what we have been focussing our attention on so as such things can be clarified and acted upon.  Lunar Eclipses signify endings – out with the old to bring in the new.  Gemini energy is all about communication and action.  Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is known as the “messenger of the heavens”.  So, at this Eclipse we can expect messages, revelations and new directions to open up to us as old ones close, both personally as well as on a global scale.  An Eclipse is a starting point and the effects of this can be felt up to 6 months after the event, so what will be put in place or be revealed to us will begin at this time but gain momentum and expansion over the months ahead.  And the messenger of the Gods is also known as the trickster of the heavens too – it loves to glide over things it doesn’t want to delve into and it also loves to tell you what it thinks you need to hear.  It also has an insatiable curiosity.  So, one thing that this Eclipse will bring up both collectively and individually is the need to learn more, to look further, to dive deeper and to question everything.  And never has there been a more important time for such energy to be at our disposal.

While the Moon is in Gemini the Sun is presently shining in Sagittarius creating the opposition that forms a Full Moon in the skies.  These two energies share some very strong similarities, they both love to learn, explore, investigate and communicate, but they love to do so for different reasons.  Sagittarius is the truth seeker; he searches and explores to find the RIGHT answers and leaves no stone unturned in his journey to mastership.  Gemini energy on the other hand is just full of curiosity and just wants to have a little knowledge in lots of different places.  So, whether you are someone who likes to learn and understand new things in their entirety, or someone who is quite happy to accept just a bit of knowledge, at the time of this Eclipse your need for answers and understanding will increase.

Aligning with this Lunar Eclipse in Gemini we have the North Node which has been transiting through Gemini since May this year.  This energy has been about new opportunities for new relationships, new learning, new growth and new flexibility.  New everything!  The energies of the planets in our Solar System are always supporting us and guiding us towards what we need to change and/or be aware of in our daily lives and in the world around us.  The North Node is our destiny, so whether you like it or not, you are destined to change over the next 12 months or so, and to have change happen all around you, and this change may not feel at all comfortable for you, but it is your destiny and the more you resist it, the more you are resisting your destiny and what will, in the long run, or immediately, be for your highest good in every way. 

We are all being given an opportunity to start something new and Gemini energy is all about seeking information, communicating what you know and being as versatile as you possibly can no matter what is presenting itself to you.  So, this is nothing to fear.  All you have to fear is your own fear, and what it stops you from seeing, learning, being and achieving.  What can and will be revealed to you will be a missing piece of your jigsaw puzzle,  a piece of information, knowledge or an opportunity that will bring home to you your own ability to critically think and tap into your heart intelligence as well as your own intuition or gut instinct and how to use these vital and divine parts of yourself to find the truth, right here and right now.  Change is the only constant in life and the changes we are all currently going through have a greater purpose than you can even begin to imagine.  These energies are vital for you as an individual and for humanity as a collective and are the inevitable push for us to change our ways, to make decisions we are too fearful to make, and/or to open our eyes to what we don’t want to see.  As tough as it all may seem and feel in the world at the moment, chaos and upheaval always precede the peace we are seeking.  We must find harmony and peace within ourselves for it to be created and sustained on Earth.

At this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, there will be magic in the air – the type of magic that is meant to bring major changes of direction and awareness both collectively and personally.  Use this energy to let go of anything in your life that does not align with how you truly feel – if it doesn’t feel right it’s not right – it’s that simple.  And then use your critical thinking, your intuition and your incredible heart intelligence to explore and feel what resonates with you and what is your truth.  Gemini energy is extremely good at taking care of itself, so the focus at this time is meant to be on YOU and creating your inner harmony.  If something is not in your orbit or in your reach to change it, let it go and focus on yourself, and what you do best.

At this pivotal time of evolution and ascension on the earth plane and heading into 21/12/2020 we are all experiencing a lot of clearing in our lives.  Some of you may have noticed a lot of aches and pains in your bodies of late, and some of you may have been feeling a lot more emotional and hypersensitive?  You are the sum total of all the past lives you have been through as well as all you have lived through in this lifetime, and we are all being asked to dig deep to clear any insecurities and fears that have held us back lifetime after lifetime, and stopped us from being happy and at peace in who we truly are. You are doing amazing work on your lineages and your ancestral karma etc, but this is not easy.  And when the Moon is Full all such things will come to the surface and often in a very emotional way. 

So, at the time of this Lunar Eclipse, you can use these energies to really allow yourself to step out of that old mentality or old way of being that no longer serves you or your life.  You are not who you used to be.  You learn from who you used to be so as you can evolve into something better, lighter and more full of love.  Our greatest battle in life is always with ourselves, as YOU will more often than not always be the harshest judge of YOU.  But our old ways and our memories can keep us very stuck and make us very miserable, so NOW is the time to recognise these for what they are – your Ego Self striving for power and control over you so you cannot grow and evolve in this lifetime.  If we want the old systems around us to collapse and be replaced by more sustainable, equal and loving systems, then this must first start with you taking the responsibility to do so in your own life.  Take your power back at this Full Moon – embrace your mind, your soul and your life path and make it everything YOU want it to be based on your truth.  Question everything and do your own truth-seeking.  And don’t be afraid to share this with others and to reach out to like-minded souls who can help you along your journey of discovery at this pivotal time on the earth plane.  You chose to be here at this time for a reason and that reason is LOVE – LOVE for yourself, one another and this planet.  Eclipse blessings to you all xox