Blog Post 11 August 2021

At this time, we have Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, Pluto the planet of transformation, Saturn the planet of structure and discipline, Neptune the planet of karma, illusion and deception, and Chiron the planet of healing, all in Retrograde motion.  And Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected change and independence is also about to move into Retrograde motion in a week or so as well.  On top of this powerful energy of reform and insight, we have just been through the Lion’s Gate portal.  S*#^t is getting real folks and boy are we feeling it.  The need to be heard, the need to be obeyed and the need to be right are all raising their ugly heads and at the same time, many are falling deaf to the theories and beliefs of open communication, intelligent discussion and debate.  We are seeing in many ways how incredibly unevolved we actually are!

The Retrograde planets have the task of enabling us to look within ourselves and our own personal worlds to find our answers, to understand our structures, to embrace our wisdom and to connect with our intuition or gut instinct.  The deeper we go within our own worlds the better we get at not only know ourselves and what makes us tick, but the more able we are to make sense of our life paths and all that presents itself to us along the way.  This is a very powerful time for us all to know ourselves and what is important to us on a deep, sustainable and real level. 

As we look within, we are also being confronted by our shadow sides – those parts of ourselves that we keep from others; that we don’t like about ourselves; that we are ashamed of or deny; or that we just don’t want to know about.  Your shadow side is just another part of you, and when we make peace with this part of ourselves, we find our inner peace, our inner power and our Higher Self. 

When I look at the outside world at this time I see and feel the shadow in us all and most of all I feel the fear that this feeds off.  We are living in unprecedented times, or that’s what it feels like.  We are experiencing and living through things we have never had to experience in our lifetimes before and it is scary because of  this.  We are all conditioned to believe that in times like this we should look to religion, our governments and our leaders for guidance and direction, but the Retrograde planets are giving us another option.  For too long we have allowed ourselves to be directed and guided towards what we have been told is best for us – but now with the Age of Aquarius engulfing us on every level – we are being shown that it is time for us all to be our own critical thinkers, our own sovereign beings and our own guides and directors.

And so, as this all unfolds what we are seeing is more and more division.  The more the fear is dished up to us the more our fearful shadow sides wish to buy into it and just like any creature that is in fear mode, the reaction is to do as you are told and/or attack back.  Division and separation from one another are one of the most unhealthy things we can do on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. Human beings are group animals; we have evolved to need one another and to assist and work together to develop our skills and to help and heal one another, and this cannot be done if we are in division.  Your fear of “what might be” should not mean that you need to attack or belittle another just because they see things differently to how you do.  We do not need to hate one another just because we see things from a different point of view – I think if you look back in history there are many lessons in this, none of which ended well for either side of the divide…. 

Humanity needs to come together in love not hatred for our differences.  We have all worked SO hard, and in the last 50+ years in particular, to accept one another.  We have stood up and made ourselves heard to rid ourselves of sexism, racism, gender inequality, homophobic behaviour and so much more.  We have stepped into and created some fantastic new ways of being, new understandings and new teachings that have allowed us to openly and wholeheartedly accept the above differences between us all.  So  much progress has been made by humanity to evolve through love and acceptance as it was destined to be, yet now many souls out there are suddenly and unashamedly wishing to attack and belittle others who have a different stand or belief when it comes to our current global events? 

Division of any kind is a backward step for humanity, and the only thing that can cure or stop this division is love and acceptance.  Division is also the power tool of the “powers that be” as they know full well that the more the collective stand together the more power the collective will have; the more light that we shine the less power they have and the more we stand in love for one another the less control they can have over us.

Firstly, it is our highest calling to love and accept ourselves, shadow side and all.  And secondly, we then need to extend that energy out of ourselves and to all of those around us who maybe looking at life differently than what we are.  It is not your job to convince anyone, manipulate them, change them or control them to see things from your perspective.  Rather, it is your responsibility to accept their choices whatever they might be, but to stand strong in what feels right for you at the same time.  Do not allow yourself to be divided by outside influences, rely upon and focus on what feels right to you, and do so with love, compassion and empathy for yourself and for everyone else as well.  Use these powerful Retrogrades to find your inner truth, to let this become your inner peace and to then send out this powerful love energy to the world around you.  You are loved, you are blessed, and you are divine.  Blessings xox