Blog Post 20 October 2022

The planet Chiron was discovered in 1977 between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, making it esoterically what you could call the bridge between our discipline and our freedom.  In my opinion, to bridge that gap and walk that path, we must learn the truth about ourselves and heal what prevents us from seeing this.  Many Astrologers, including myself, now consider this planet to be the ruler of the star sign, Virgo.

Where Chiron sits in our Charts is where we arrive into this lifetime wounded and with a need to heal ourselves, and once we have learned to heal ourselves in that particular area, then it is where we can go on to heal others too.  Chiron always carries the wound of rejection.  In the Greek Mythology of Chiron, he was born to a mother who rejected him at birth when she saw he was a centaur, half-man half-horse.  To this end, you can expect where Chiron sits in your Chart to be a very sensitive area of your life, as it usually indicates an area where we lack confidence and feel very vulnerable and cannot seem to give ourselves a break at times, so naturally, it is an area where we can very easily feel hurt.  As this area is so sensitive to us, it is very easy for us to blame others for hurting us here when what we are actually doing is already attacking ourselves in this area, and they are just reflecting this self-abuse back to us.  So, what others are actually doing for us is mirroring this area as that place that so deeply needs to be healed within us.  Like anything in life, the more we experience it the more we can learn about it and the more we have to offer in that area also, so the power of Chiron is in the fact that this incredible healing that we need, is exactly what we can then offer to others.  To this end Virgo’s – who are ruled by the planet Chiron – in general, make very good healers, as their degree of empathy and understanding is often a lot more developed than that of others. 

The placement of Chiron in our Charts is also often indicative of where we have experienced much pain and confusion in past lives, as this is an energy we bring through with us from the Spirit world to the earth plane.  To this end our Chiron lessons are so very very important, they represent issues that we have either ignored or found too hard to deal with in past incarnations, and therefore these lessons are getting harder and harder as we struggle to learn them.

It takes the planet Chiron 50 years to move through all the Houses in your Natal Chart back to its original position where it was when you were born, therefore the age of 50 is often known as your age of “transmutation”.  You have by the age of 50 already experienced the power of your first Saturn Return, where your biggest life lessons are to be found, and also your Uranus Opposition where you are faced with your direction for the future and what you are going to do with the second half of your life.  Your Chiron Return can be a very difficult time if you have for the last 50 years buried that wound that needs to be healed, and therefore the “transmutation” is about not only letting go of this hurt, but changing it into a healthy lesson that is well and truly learned and with the successful experience of this you are more than ready to go on to heal others through what you have felt and endured over this lifetime.  To this end, you may find that at the age of 50, suddenly you are surrounded by people and experiences that make you feel that same hurt, vulnerability and perhaps hopelessness that you have always had and not healed, making the age of 50 such a huge turning point in your lifetime.

Below I will give you some insight into your wound of Chiron.  I will list below the signs of the zodiac Chiron was sitting in between 1960 and 2000 and a little bit of information about the wound of rejection you will be working on:-


You come into this lifetime with the wound of being persecuted in past lives for your spiritual, creative or healing beliefs and gifts.  Due to this you often feel that it is safer to stay in your own head and can avoid being “present” when times are tough or not to your liking.  You heal yourself in this lifetime through walking the spiritual path without fear of judgement and by spreading your Light.

CHIRON IN ARIESMAY 1968 – MAY 1976, MAY 2018 – JUNE 2026

Your wound of rejection is the belief that you are not good enough.  This usually comes from lifetimes of being a leader and letting your people down or leading them in the wrong direction.  And you may also have failed trying to stand on your own two feet or create your own business.  You heal this wound by being prepared to step up and take on leadership and/or by becoming your own boss or pioneering a new way of being.


The wound here is one of insecurity and not feeling safe and supported in life.  To this end, these souls tend to see material assets and money as the answer to all their problems.  You need a nest egg or financial safety net to feel secure in life and you often believe this is the answer to all your problems.  You heal your wound when you learn that inner peace is the only true security and safety in this world.


With Chiron in Gemini, you come into this lifetime carrying the wound of believing that you are not clever enough.  You struggle to see and believe that your skills and intelligence are as good as that of academic people and will often resist higher education.  You heal your wound when you accept and realise that you learn and operate best by “doing” and that this makes you no less clever or intelligent than the next person.


You come into this lifetime with the belief that you are unlovable or not worthy of love.  Therefore, you go out of your way to make others feel good in the hope that they will give you the love you crave.  You also have a great need to be needed, and when you are not you are left feeling empty and unwanted.  You heal this wound when you learn the power of self-love and how to stand in this energy every day.


You arrive in this lifetime feeling that you need to be everything to everyone.  You have a strong need to be recognised, appreciated and respected for all that you do, and it hurts you to be ignored or not seen.  You heal this wound when you learn to be everything to YOU first and foremost.


The wound of Chiron in Virgo is the one of uselessness.  You arrive in this lifetime feeling and believing that no matter what you do it is never good enough and you constantly strive to be perfect – yet you cannot see your own perfection.  You heal this wound when you learn to see your own perfection and understand that the only perfection there is, is doing your best.


You bring in the wound of abandonment to this lifetime.  Because of this you do not like to be on your own and can stay in relationships, jobs, careers, marriages etc way past their use-by date simply because you do not wish to be alone.  You heal this wound when you allow yourself to be with yourself and to become your own best friend.


You come into this lifetime with the belief that there is no gain without pain.  And your heightened sensitivity can make you feel that you are always the victim in life and that you have no power.  You heal your wound when you choose to step off the emotional roller coaster of life and see yourself as a powerful being and not a victim.


You arrive in this lifetime with the wound of feeling that you don’t know enough.  This comes from lifetimes of being made to believe that you did not know what you were talking about.  To this end in this lifetime, you may feel a great need to control everything to prove your knowledge is enough.  You heal this wound when you accept your knowledge as your knowledge and let go of trying to control everything around you so that it meets your needs.

To be whole and complete as souls we are experiencing lifetime after lifetime of learning, healing and developing.  The lessons of Chiron are so very important for us to be aware of because they represent such deep hurts and the type of hurts that are capable of crippling us on any level, and then leaving us unable to move forward on our spiritual journey.  Where Chiron sits in your Chart is where you have really chosen to “feel” what it is that blocks you and therefore takes away your confidence, your self-belief and your own natural abilities in that area of your life.  Whatever sign or House your Chiron is sitting in, you will have to face your negativity and your fear of not being good enough or whole enough in some way, and as spiritual souls having a human experience, the one thing that is so very important to our development is self-love.  The energy you give yourself is the energy others react to.  So, if you are not good to yourself in an area of your life, others will not be good to you there either.

Chiron is a timely reminder that YOU and YOU alone are responsible for your journey in any given lifetime.  The wounds of Chiron are personal and attached to you, so it is only you that can heal this hurt.  By learning the truth about yourself and accepting it and loving it for what it teaches you, you can heal yourself and use the power of Chiron to help and heal other souls by enabling them to look inside themselves at their own hurts and heal from the inside out.

As you can see from the above information, Chiron is currently in Aries and so we are all working on our feelings of not being good enough, and being brave enough to stand up for ourselves and what we believe in.  If you would like more information on your wound of Chiron and how to use this help and heal yourself and others, please book a Reading with me at