Blog Post 3 December 2020

We are all Spirit having a human experience and we all came here to the earth plane with a plan, a purpose and a reason for becoming a Human Be-ing.  Nothing is random, nothing is accidental, and nothing happens for no reason – there is a purpose to our induvial existence as well as a purpose to our collective existence.  Both are of equal importance and both are your responsibility.  You chose to be here at this time, so as you could help in the grand awakening of humanity.

Humanity came to this planet thousands of years ago and we came here to live and be guided by the Laws of the Universe, or the Universal Laws of Consciousness.  These Laws state that all of humanity are equal, and in fact all living beings are equal, they also state that we are here to nurture, take care of and nourish this planet that provides for us.  Another of the Laws states that no one person or people have the right to claim ownership or dominance over any other.  And that we are all here to love and accept one another no matter what colour our skin is, what gender we relate too, what religion we believe in, what country we are born in or what age we are.  It is vital that we all understand at this time of such powerful change on the earth plane that we are SOVEREIGN beings.  We came here with our own ability to think, to feel, to process, to evaluate and to understand.  However, this has been slowly, intentionally and systematically taken away from us by the conditioning and brainwashing of what a very few desire.  Whether you want to realise or admit to it or not, we have been enslaved, controlled and stripped of our right to speak our truth, to stand up for what we believe in and to live and love our lives the way we not only intended too but in a way that understands and embraces the Universal Laws of Life.

Along the way of our evolution and our journey to create heaven on earth, some dark or dual energy anchored itself here and slowly but surely humanity became conditioned and put to sleep under its spell of money, hierarchy, power, greed and materialism.  And over the last few hundred years, this has become more and more our standard existence, and this has been influenced and supported by the predominance of the major outer planets sitting in Earth signs.  Earth energy is very grounded and therefore it only makes sense that when we are under this influence things such as materialism, security, safety, status and financial wealth become what we aim for and what we are encouraged to believe are the most important things for all of us to focus on and to use to define our “success” in life. 

However, we are now stepping into the Age of Aquarius and this is heralded by the movement of some of the major players in our cosmic skies out of the energy of Earth and into the energy of Air.  The signs of the zodiac that fall under Air energy are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.  Saturn – the great task-master – as well as Jupiter – the great expander – are making the monumental shift out of Earth (Capricorn) and into Air (Aquarius) later this month.  Air energy is all about our minds, our ability to critically think, our ability to evaluate and come to our own conclusions and understandings, our imaginations and inventive abilities and our connection to one another.  Air is what we breathe, it is our life force, and it is all around us.  We share the same air, we breathe the same air; air brings us into alignment with one another and allows us to expand ourselves, our thoughts and our lives out of the grounded “this is the way things have always been” energy and into the “what if?” energy.  So, when Saturn makes his long-awaited move into Aquarius later this month, followed by Jupiter a few days later the support and guidance of the planets will change hugely.  But more on that in a future Blog Post.

Chiron the wounded healer has been in retrograde in Aries since July 2020, encouraging us to look more deeply into our wounds and to see what needs to be healed within us so as we can move forward to heal and teach others through our own experiences.  Chiron represents our need to be healed and our ability to heal others, and while he is transiting through Chiron for the next approximately 5 years, he is part of our process of awakening and claiming back our own sovereignty.   He is encouraging us to heal our wounds because until we are healed and at peace, within ourselves and within our own sovereignty we cannot create, maintain and sustain the peace that is needed on this planet.  What is even more important at this time of deep healing is that we all be aware that we are not just healing our own wounds, but the wounds of our ancestors.  They too have been manipulated, controlled and had their sovereignty taken away, and have suffered hugely for it.  Our ancient ancestors who knew how to work with the land, the Seasons, the heart and the mind were silenced for this and persecuted and ridiculed for their intimate knowledge and understanding of the planet, and they too need to heal.

Chiron will move Direct on 15 December, one day after the mighty Solar Eclipse of the 14th which I will write more about in a later post.  As he moves into Direct motion, he activates the healing that is needed and allows you to move forward feeling lighter and more aware of what you have to share with others.  Chiron is currently transiting through the sign of Aries and so the healing that we are all focussing on as individuals and down our family lines is all to do with feelings of not being good enough and fears of leadership and standing up for what you believe in.  For too long we have been led to believe that if we speak up or speak out against the status quo then we are wrong, trouble-makers, conspiracy theorists, and even mentally unwell.  How can it be wrong to have your own perspective?  Chiron in Aries stimulates and awakens the pioneer and revolutionary in all of us.  That part of us that wants to know more, question more, take an idea or concept and develop it further and re-visit or reinstate that which once worked for the greatest good of all concerned.  Chiron in Aries highlights our intent, and our intent is one of the most powerful tools we have.   No matter what you are doing or thinking, if it is coming from a space of what is for the highest good of all concerned, then it is pure and it is perfect.

As 2020 slowly draws to a close, we are also saying goodbye to a lot (but not all) of the Capricorn energy of patriarchy, tradition, out-dated customs and beliefs, controlled structure and the fear of trusting in what you know and feel to be true.  We are slowly but surely moving away from the Earth energy of staying fixed in one way of being.  We are moving away from being controlled and manipulated by those who do NOT have humanity’s best interests at heart and from feeling and believing that we cannot or should not think for ourselves or have our own opinions.  And most importantly, we are moving away from allowing a very few to decide for the masses.  We are waking up to our own inner power, our intuition, our critical thinking and our heart-based brain.  These tools that each and every one of us possess and have always possessed, without any training, hierarchy or privilege, have been put to sleep and unstimulated for too long and these are the integral parts of us that connect us to all that there is, to the highest good, and to our own divinity and beauty and empowerment.

You are here for a reason and for a purpose, and it is time to awaken to all that is within you, to all that has been asleep and shut down within you, and to embrace your connection to Source, Spirit, God, The Universe – whatever you wish to call it.  You are SO much more than you think you are and it is time for you to awaken and shine.  Blessings xox