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The planet Chiron is known as the wounded healer and wherever this planet is placed in your Natal Chart shows us what wound of rejection you have chosen to embrace and overcome in this lifetime.  The sign of the zodiac that Chiron sits in, in your Natal Chart, shows us how you are going to naturally deal with this wound and the House that it resides in tells us where this healing will play out.

Our Chiron wound is something that we all need to heal and the major Chiron wound we need to heal is the one in our Natal Chart – the one we were born with.  The beauty of this wound is that it has a powerful flipside.  Once you have healed your Chiron wound, it then becomes the mastery, healing and teaching that you can then share with and use to heal others. I am a firm believer that all the things we have found so hard to heal and work on in our lives are EXACTLY what we are here to help others with, but not until we have healed them in ourselves first.  The wound of Chiron, once healed, can then become one of the greatest gifts you have to offer others on the earth plane – so the journey of suffering becomes one of learning that can only help you to evolve and raise your vibration in the most sustainable and permanent way.  Between the ages of 50 and 52 we go through what is known as our Chiron Return, which is when our greatest healing is needed, if we have not already done the work required.  So, all of you reading this who are around 50 – 52 years of age, this Post is particularly pertinent to you as you are in your Chiron Return and facing the wound you may have ignored to date.

The North Node is our destiny and, as with all the planets, we are born with this in a certain sign of the zodiac and in one of the 12 Houses of our Natal Charts.  Directly opposite the North Node is the South Node and this  denotes the lifetime we are coming from that we have chosen to learn the most about, in this lifetime.  The South Node shows us what we have already learned and mastered in other lifetimes, and how there is always a need to look at the opposite of this and so the North Node shows us how we can do things differently in this lifetime, but by using the wisdom and experience of the South Node.

It takes Chiron approximately 7 years to move through a sign of the zodiac and it takes the North Node around 18 months to do so, so they don’t meet very often and when they do its very significant.

At present we have both the North Node and Chiron in Aries and since November 2023 they have been forming a conjunction with one another which means they have been moving closer and closer, and right now they are both at exactly 16 degrees of Aries, so at a VERY tight conjunction with one another.  As you can imagine, when 2 planets are right on top of each other they have incredible influence over one another and in a very natural and easy way.  They make sense to each other and they support one another and they can just merge together at times to create the same learning and the same experiences.

This is a particularly powerful aspect because of the energies these two points carry.  Chiron is saying “I’m hurt and I need to understand and heal myself” and the North Node is saying “when you heal your life you embrace your true destiny”.  So, when these two powerhouses come together, they give us the opportunity to see what beliefs, hurts and wounds we carry and how they hold us back (Chiron), and what it would look like and evolve into if we did that healing work and stepped out of our pain (North Node).

Now as the North Node moves a lot faster than Chiron does, it means that it can breathe fresh air and new life into those old festering wounds we carry, so we can see how we could heal them and master them from a different perspective or with a different attitude.

The energy (sign of the zodiac) these two placements are working with is Arian energy.  Arian energy is very black and white, it is the energy of leadership and the energy of independence and self-belief.  It is the first sign of the zodiac and so naturally carries an energy of “I come first”.  However, as we know, all of the signs of the zodiac have their shadow side as well which we need to overcome to fully step into the light.  The shadow side of Aries is lack of self-belief, fear of standing alone, inability to lead and the belief that they are just not good enough. 

So, when we put all of this together, we have both Chiron and the North Node teaching us our worth.  Both of these placements are encouraging us to step up, stand up and take the lead in our own lives, if we are to get what we want and become who we are meant to be.  And this will become even more and more intense over the next few months until late June when they move out of conjunction with one another and their influence over each other fades. 

Now, as I am so often saying, we as human beings are stupid!  We only seem to really learn things properly if we learn them the hard way.  This means that if you are lacking in self-belief or self-love and do not believe that you are as good as everyone else, or as capable as everyone else, and if you are too scared to put your hand up for that promotion, or start that business you have always wanted too etc, then you are going to be tested at this time.  And the tests that you will be presented with to help you to step out of your sense of inadequacy or liming beliefs will be ones where others will put you down, will challenge your authority or your words, and really push those fear buttons that you so desperately need to heal.  You may find that you could be overlooked for a promotion, or that you are not included in a social gathering, or you could find yourself spending a lot more time on your own.  All of this is designed for you to embrace that Arian fire energy and fight back!  Nobody has the right to determine who you are, only you do, so how are you going to define yourself?  Are you going to give in to others and allow yourself to remain small, insignificant and powerless, or are you going to stand up and grab those opportunities and experiences and use them to help you grow in every way?  Its entirely up to you, but do know that the planets are supporting you at this time to help you to be stronger, more independent and able to speak up and step up whenever you feel the need.

Self-love and self-belief are the destination we are all heading for, and this powerful conjunction between Chiron and the North Node is a wonderful opportunity for you to see where you are holding yourself back because you don’t believe in you, or because you believe that you can’t do it.  If it’s being presented to you then its for you and only YOU can accept the challenge.

Believe in your gifts and your abilities and believe in yourself.  You are a spark of God energy, a Spirit having a human experience and a soul on a journey and you are more loved, valued and appreciated for just being you, than you will ever know.  You are enough – always and now its time for YOU to step up to the challenge of self-love and claim it!  Blessings xox