Blog Post

19 April 2023

Are you good enough?  How often do you ask yourself this question?  And how often is your answer to yourself, NO?  Well if this has been a particular issue for you lately, you are not alone and it is all part of our learning at this time due to planetary conditions and our changing world.

The mighty planet of expansion, Jupiter, has been transiting through Aries since December 2022 encouraging us to step up, to take charge and to be confident to be who we truly are by exploring our natural gifts and talents and being prepared to take action on what we need and where we are going.  However, his main role at this time has also been to activate and maybe antagonise the wounded healer, Chiron who has been in Aries since February 2019 and will remain in this sign of the zodiac until June 2026.  Chiron’s slow transit through this sign of the zodiac is a stark reminder to us all of the importance of self-love, self-belief and empowerment and that such things need work and focus put into them by us on a regular basis.  This planet is reminding us all of the importance of putting a worth on yourself and of loving yourself no matter who you are or what you do, and most importantly of believing in yourself and all that you can be. 

Jupiter has the job of expanding the above lessons of Chiron as he makes his more rapid move through Aries, and he has also activated the Sun here too so that we can really ensure how we feel about ourselves is of primary importance to our development at this time.  You see, if you don’t have a great opinion of yourself and you don’t believe in yourself you are basically sending an energy out to the world that is negative, distrustful, self-defeating and probably fear-driven in some way.  And when you send that sort of energy out you receive the same energy back in return as like attracts like.  Therefore it can be so easy to end up on the hamster wheel; repeating the same lessons and going through the same experiences time and time again until you learn to get off.

As Spirits having a human experience, we have all chosen before we were born to go through certain things, to experience challenges and to meet people and find resources that will emphasise all of this so as we can grow and evolve in every lifetime we have.  Nobody EVER chooses to be unhappy, BUT we all choose situations and people who can make us feel very unhappy.  And as human beings we are really stupid!  We only ever seem to learn when something hurts, or it challenges us or it upsets us in some way.  We don’t learn when we are floating around on cloud 9 surrounded by rainbows and moonbeams! 

Therefore the more we can see EVERYTHIING as a learning experience and NOT as a personal affront, or something that others do to us, the quicker we learn and the more we evolve. 

Every one of you reading this has been through experiences in this lifetime where you have been made to feel like you are not good enough, or that you can’t excel, or that you are not loveable or that you cannot stand on your own two feet.  Maybe your parents and conditioning as a child was one where you weren’t encouraged to be bigger, better and stronger?  Or maybe, you were rejected for what you put out there?  Or maybe you tried to be someone or something and it didn’t work out?  Whatever your wound or your story is, it all comes back to YOU and what you are meant to learn from the experience and for so long as you remain stuck in how it all makes you feel and playing the victim, nothing will change.  You will keep repeating the same lessons over and over again until YOU understand what you have to learn there.

This transit of powerful Arian energy is a wake up call to us all to put a worth on ourselves.  You cannot expect to be happy and at peace with life if you are not happy and at peace with yourself.  You cannot heal the world until you heal yourself, and you cannot expect everyone outside of you to make you feel better if you cannot do that for yourself.  You see everything comes back to wonderful YOU and what you have to learn and NOT what you have done think you have done wrong.  There is no right or wrong, there are just many different perspectives and beliefs. You are a soul on a journey of learning and as I said earlier, we ALWAYS seem to want to choose the hard way to learn things rather than the easy way.

When the Sun moves into Taurus later this week, we get to create structure and foundations for our purpose and so we need to have under our belts already, the capacity to believe in positive change in our lives and that we can create these through our own efforts and capabilities. 

Life has been feeling very intense of late with so many incidents being presented to you that feel harsh and that feel like you have no choice in or that there is no way out of, but realistically this is a lesson for you. A lesson in you taking charge and asking yourself, what can I do to change this? 

My advice is to take a step, any step, in a direction that is calling to you, and then see what happens next.  If it’s the right step you will find your flow and things will all start to fall into place, one way or another and quite often this will  not be in the way you anticipated it to be, but it will be equally if not more successful by you getting out of your own way and going with that flow.  If you take a step and nothing happens, then take a different step and see what happens then. 

You are here at this time on the earth plane because you chose to be here and if you chose to be here then you chose to be here for a reason and that reason is that you are an integral part of the Great Awakening, we are all going through.  And to “awaken” we have to face what we fear – both within ourselves and within the world we live in.  On the other side of your fear is your peace and your power, so don’t be afraid to confront things so as you can move forward.

No matter what you may be feeling and experiencing right now, the core lesson within it is your self-worth and self-love, and it is up to you to work on this and to build it up further if necessary.  You have no reason to NOT love yourself when you can understand and accept that everything is learning and that you have done nothing wrong.

You are good enough, you have always been good enough and you always will be good enough in the eyes of Spirit – so time to adjust your eyesight into alignment with your highest good and to see yourself as the amazing, powerful shining soul that you are.  You are loved, you are blessed and you are divine ALWAYS.  Blessings xox