Blog Post 5 May 2020

We live in 3D reality and have done for quite some time.  However, ever since human beings occupied this planet the intention has been to raise the vibration of the planet and of ourselves, out 3D awareness and into the awarenesses that go beyond this. 

So, firstly what is 3D reality? 

3D reality is what I call “base energy” it is the systematic and daily use of our 5 senses: touch, sound, taste, sight and smell.  Every human being on the planet (unless they are physically challenged in one of these areas) uses these senses in their daily life to allow them to live and interpret the world around them.  Having all of these capabilities means that we can go about our lives enhancing these senses and using them to discover more about ourselves and the world around us.  However, 3D reality and the use of just these 5 senses does not allow us to evolve, grow, or look outside the box.  And as much as the world we live in relies on and depends upon these 5 senses, for so long as we only focus on these and only use these very small and unevolved parts of our beings, we are only seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling part of what is going on.  These basic senses that we all possess encourage us to tune in too and only work with what they reveal to us and therefore we are stuck in a “what you see is what you get” world.  Therefore, when we are only reliant on these senses and our emotions, it is so easy to keep living in constant fear of everything around us, and of what is coming next.

The next step out of 3D reality is, of course, 4D reality.  We don’t get to skip steps, we don’t get to suddenly evolve into manifesting magicians who can create all the abundance and have everything their heart desires when we are in the 3D reality, this is the work of 5D reality and upwards of there.  And no matter how many books you may read or Courses you may attend to open you up to the higher realities, you must first step out of 3D reality and master 4D reality.

For so long as humanity only relies on what they see directly in front of them, and what only uses the 5 senses which come from our brain we are stuck in 3D reality.  And the 5 senses in our brains or head centres, are directly connected to our emotions and our emotional body.  When we see or hear something, it usually causes some sort of emotional reaction within us, and so we are programmed and conditioned to act on that and that alone.  Your brain, through your senses, sees something happening, it reacts to it through your emotional body and your feelings, and then it acts on these very basic understandings and feelings. 

I see + I feel + I react = Base Energy.

4D reality means activating, acknowledging, working with, and understanding the importance of our 6th sense.  Our 6th sense comes from the heart centre within each of us, it is our connection to the Divine, and to our intuition/gut instinct and to our Higher Self, and the only part of us that actually has the capability to manifest and to create magic in our lives.  And without this vital and highly evolved part of us, that everyone possesses, we are stuck, more often than not, in FEAR mode.  Simply because all we are using to understand are our 5 basic senses and the emotional body – we are not looking or perceiving beyond this, and this is what we all need to change.

Many of you reading this I am sure can identify with what I am saying, and many of you may not.  For those of you who already do resonate with this, you have opened your heart centre, you have perhaps since birth, had the innate and very natural need to question what is being presented to you, to look beyond the 5 senses and to ask and explore the big picture.  When we open our heart centre and allow our 6th sense to have as much if not more say than the other 5 senses, and the troublesome emotional body, we step into an energy of such profound understanding and unlimited power that suddenly everything around you is open to question.

This can be a profound epiphany like experience, or it can be a gradual one, but either way, as you step into your heart centre and your 6th sense, and your eyes are truly opened to our world and all that goes on here on every level, your life and your world will change for the better.  This is not to say that it will be a blissful heavenly experience, and from here on in the rest of your life will be all rainbows and moonbeams, in actual fact, there can and probably will be a lot of shock, pain and despair.  BUT once you have opened your heart, your eyes and your mind to ALL that is happening on our planet and in this Universe, you will achieve a level of enlightenment and awareness that is ever-growing and ever-expanding and where pat answers and old ways, will no longer hold any power over you.  This is because you have connected your heart to the grid of the Universe, you have aligned yourself with all that there is, on an equal footing rather than a 3D footing, and therefore you will know and feel with certainty that you have never felt before, what is right for you and what is not.

As Spirit having a human experience here on the earth plane, we chose to come here to help shift humanity out of 3D and into 4D and beyond and when enough of us can do this, when enough of us can choose to use love for ourselves, our planet and all who reside here, that is when our world will change and equality and liberation on every level can become our way of existing.

So, open your heart and allow yourself to interpret life through what resonates with you, what feels right to you, what makes you think “yes that makes sense”.  Open your heart so as you can use your own incredible and individual intelligence to live your life the way your soul and the Divine wish you too, the way you chose too before you were born.  There are no mistakes and no accidents, you are exactly where you are meant to be at this time and you are here to make a difference, to be a part of a global change designed to lift humanity out of 3D fear-based mentality and existence, and into the 4D reality of the energy and power of LOVE – as a frequency as well as as the bottom line.  When humanity allows themselves to realise how incredibly powerful they are and how much we can do to BE the difference and the evolution that is so needed at this time, simply through using our hearts rather than our heads LOVE will conquer FEAR and we will all be free.  Blessings xox