Blog Post 8 December 2022

We now find ourselves in the final month of 2022 and for the majority of us, this year has been quite the ride! 

2020 and 2021 saw us all facing and having to live through changes and restrictions that we would never have dreamed possible in the 21st Century – it was uncomfortable, confronting, stressful and restrictive to say the least.  We found ourselves overburdened and overrun with information and actions that were designed to keep us in a state of fear.  When we exist in fear energy, we lose our sense of self-belief and empowerment, and we also drastically lower our immune systems.  No matter where you were in the world during 2020 and 2021 it was tough and we all had very little if anything to compare it to, so we could make sense of it all.  The planet herself, however, breathed a huge sigh of relief as humanity and its pollution of her was reduced, and so in back-handed way, we did give back to our beautiful planet a little of what she truly deserved.

In 2022 the world appeared to relax somewhat, and restrictions were lifted and so many believed this year would be our path back to the way things were, and to the comfortable and easier lives that we had become so accustomed to and happy living in.  Humanity breathed a sigh of relief and hopped back on its roller-coaster ride to its ever-important need for success, monetary gain and material well-being.  And so, we went overboard in our efforts to re-establish what we had before, to get back on the gravy train and to take back the lives that we had lived before.  In our efforts to do so, we have exhausted and overwhelmed ourselves and so many of you are finding yourself at the end of 2022 carrying loads and burdens that are just too much and wondering why you have no energy and feel so burnt out.

If ever there was a time for ALL of us to be still and be quiet, it is now – but as we all know Christmas time can be the most stressful time of the year with its own learnings and lessons for us.  2023 is going to be a BIG year for change and it is imperative that we all take time for ourselves NOW if we are to have the energy, commitment and self-belief to find our peace and purpose at this time.

Today we have a Full Moon in Gemini which is not only forming a conjunction (amplification) to Mars in Gemini but also results in a very rare Mars occultation.  An “occultation” occurs when one planet moves over another and for a short period of time blocks or overshadows the other planet’s energy.  Mars in Gemini has had us all running around like headless chickens since late August this year, and even his move into Retrograde motion did not dampen his energy.  Mars is all about action, passion and motivation and Gemini is all about movement, communication and versatility – so basically Mars in Gemini is like constantly adding fuel to an already burning fire.  This gives us all unlimited energy to explore, create, discuss and make things happen, but may have also activated anger, selfishness and negative reactions to anything or anyone that gets in your way. 

Today’s Full Moon and the Mars occultation will illuminate your behaviour and can give you valuable insight into why you react the way you do, and what this can result in.  You will receive insight into yourself and into what is really going on around you, and your challenge is to NOT react aggressively or impulsively to this.  Mars is all about getting your own way and so if you are feeling that you are not being heard or acknowledged in the way you wish to be at this time, you could find yourself reacting very angrily to this.  And it will also be important that you watch your truth.  Gemini energy loves to take a fact and embellish it, usually to make it more entertaining or interesting, but this energy is not above embellishing so it makes sure that YOU are hearing what it wants you to hear. 

This Full Moon also holds the insight you need into what you are carrying and burdening yourselves with at this time.  As I said earlier, we have all loaded our plates up far too high in 2022 in our efforts to go back to “normal”.  But normal as we knew it is gone, we cannot and should not go back to all that was broken before.  It is time, time to embrace change, time to embrace a new way of living in this world and a time to embrace the oneness we all come from.  So, use this time to relieve yourselves of your self-imposed burdens and also any burdens that you are somehow carrying for others that do not belong to you.

The energies of December will encourage all of us to stand up for what we believe in and what is important to us, but are we picking battles for the right reasons?  Are you standing up for what you believe in because it is for the highest good of all concerned, or are you doing it just because you are frustrated, overwhelmed and looking for a fight?  Your own personal sense of will and empowerment is rising and rather than use this as an energy to control and manipulate all that is going on around you for your own benefit, you can take this powerful energy and use it to send love and light to situations and people instead.  Turn your motivation and action into passion and commitment.  You cannot change another soul or make them do what you want them to do, but you can show them so much love and give so much love that all they then want to do is change and see the benefits of this.  Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe, and it will always win over the energy of control.

Just a few days ago the planet of illusion, deception and imagination, Neptune, moved out of Retrograde motion after approximately 5 months Retrograde in Pisces.  This means that we are all waking up again and seeing through any illusions we have created for ourselves as well as any illusions that we have been presented with.  The fog is clearing, and we are all becoming that much more aware of who we truly are as spirits having a human experience.  Jupiter and Neptune have been working very closely with one another this year in Pisces, and now as they are both stationary Jupiter expands on Neptune’s spiritual connections and connotations, and Neptune guides and supports the opening of new awarenesses and understandings from an intuitive perspective.  This is a powerful and magical time for all of us to integrate our God-given intuition with our earth-bound logic to see the big picture.

So, December is a month of warming up to what will come in 2023, it is our chance to re-group and re-look at our directions in life and whether they are sustainable and based on what is for our highest good.  To run around madly trying to achieve, succeed and be more is not for your highest good. Remember we have done this for centuries and all it has really resulted in is very few gaining a lot more than the majority of people on this planet have.  We are here to co-create with the Universe and so there is always help there if you ask for it.  It is essential that we now learn how to take proper care of our energy, and our lives so that we can stand in our truth and know we are doing so for the highest good of ourselves and of the planet.

This month, as well as Neptune and Chiron, turning Direct, we also have Mercury moving into Retrograde motion and Jupiter finally moving into Aries permanently until May 2023.  Mars will move into Direct motion in mid-January 2023.  These planets are holding the energy for us all to also be stationary and to take our time to deal with our exhaustion and overwhelm during December.  As much as you possibly can, take time for yourself, take time to re-set your intentions for 2023, and take time to take stock of all that you have worked on during 2022 and to know whether this will sustain you in 2023 or whether it is time for change.  Use December to pause, re-group, re-set and re-charge so that you are fully equipped physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the great shifts of 2023.

Full Moon blessings to you all xox