Blog Post 1 January 2021

Today we start a whole new year, and I don’t think there would be anyone out there who would like to say that they would really like a repeat of 2020!  In 2020 we gained the necessary “vision” which then became our “hindsight”.  In 2020 we saw what was possible, we were shown the two very different sides of humanity and of governance, and depending on how well you were able to rise above and see through the illusion, you may now have a very new perspective of this world that we live in.  Interestingly, going into 2020 we saw it as a year of balance and of hard work, and it manifested into an understanding of how out of balance this world really is and how much hard work needs to be done to change things around.  And so we can thank 2020 for all that it has shown us and taught us about the world we live and ourselves, and we can begin to move forward.

Saturn the great teacher and Jupiter the great amplifier have now moved out of Capricorn and into Aquarius – so the pressure of constant lessons and learning we have experienced in our careers, families and other important structures in our lives during the last 3 years is now lessened.  We step out of our lessons in what is outdated and non-purposeful in our lives and towards lessons in working as one, thinking for ourselves and reclaiming our sovereignty, creativity and intuition.  However, Pluto, the great taskmaster is still in Capricorn for another 5 years so his work of dismantling, breaking down and transforming the old ways is still going on.  Slowly but surely, we are seeing what the old, traditional and patriarchal agenda was really all about, and all that needs to be transformed once and for all.  Pluto takes no prisoners, he can and will sweep the slate clean so as only a fresh and new start will do.

We now step into 2021.  2+0+2+1=5 In Numerology the number 5 signifies change and independence – the necessary change we need to make to step into the flow of the existing cycle and the flow of our life paths, and the individual energy to make this happen.  We are in the “middle” year of a 9-year cycle.  We have done the beginning work of this cycle for the last 4 years; this has given us insight, experiences and awarenesses that now in the No. 5 year we get to act and react from.  The No. 5 year is the year where we initiate the change that will take us through what we have already learned and experienced and into the following 4 years to the end of this 9-year earth cycle.  New beginnings, new perspectives and new structures can all be created at this time and the Aquarian energy will make sure that what we change is for the highest good of humanity as a whole, rather than just for the entitled 1%. 

Change is the only constant in this world, and most of us tend to run a mile from it – especially when it is being made for you rather than by you.  Change is about the use of power – both personal and/or global.  When we choose to change something/anything we are stepping into the energy of our personal power – we are deciding what must be altered.  However, when somebody else forces or places change upon us it can strip us of our power.  2020 has shown us all the powerful effect of change that is NOT initiated by us and 2021 will show us how to take our power back.  Change is not a bad thing ever, because it teaches us things, it enables us to grow and it enables new experiences to come into our lives, yet when someone else puts this on us when they say you must change in this way or that, we tend to rebel as we don’t like it, or we fear it.  Change is the nemesis and saviour of the Ego at the same time.  It is the Ego’s enemy because it disrupts the status quo, and it is its savour because it puts the emotions in the driver’s seat.  Either way, it gets control and gets to keep you in fear.  So, in 2020 we all got to see what our Ego’s look like and what our Achilles heel or weak point might be when confronted with huge change that has been out of our control as well as something that we have never experienced before.  And we got to feel what it is like to have no control over our lives – something as sovereign light beings we should never have to accept.  It has been a huge experience for everyone in many different and similar ways and now as we enter 2021, we are at a point where we can accept someone else making all the changes for us, or we can start making those changes for ourselves.  Now, I am not talking about a bloody Revolution because of course violence is never the answer, but all that we have been through is our encouragement and motivation to now take our control and power back.  I am talking about each of us using our critical thinking and intuition to create an alternative or new way forward. And the first way to do this is to stop focussing on what is going on “out there” and start focussing on what is going on inside of YOU.  Your thoughts create your emotions, and your emotions create your actions and reactions.  So, it only makes sense that when you change the way you think, you change the way you act, and a whole new perspective and awareness opens up for you.  The soul’s journey of discovery.  When all of humanity can focus on changing their Fear into Love, we will have peace and harmony on earth in every way. 

So, what do you feed your mind?  Do you feed it Fear disguised as “being logical” or “doing the right thing”?  Or the Fear that things can and will only get worse for you – never better?  Or the Fear that you are not worthy of anything happy or good in your life?  You have a choice what you feed yourself – you do it every day with the food that you eat, so why not do it to the thoughts you ingest as well?  Choose NOT to focus on what you cannot control or change, rather focus on what you can control or change like your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions and your actions.  Choose to focus in 2021 on what feels good – not in a hedonistic way – but in a peaceful loving way.  Form a thought or memory in your mind of complete joy – a beautiful happy time or vision for yourself – and make that your “go too” thought.

The No. 5 also relates to the human body in the sense that to be a complete body we have 5 main “appendages”.  Two arms, two legs and a head.  Therefore, when we come to the No. 5, we come to a time of completion of ourselves – we are now complete and in one piece, all the parts are put together and so it is time to activate that completion to see what it can do and what it is capable of.  It can also relate to our 5 senses that we have developed so well in the Age of Pisces, and how now that we have full use of and understanding of these it is time to step into our 6th sense: our intuition.  We step into our Grace and wholeness in 2021, and we are being supported and empowered to know that we have all that we need; we are complete and ready for the next step. 

We are now in the Age of Aquarius – we have moved out of centuries of Earth energy.  Earth energy is the energy of materialism, commercialism, capitalism, and that need to have, be and make more and more.  It has been a time where humanity has been overly focussed on what it can achieve EXTERNALLY – a time where success in life has been determined by your pay packet, your title and what you own.  The Age of Aquarius brings in the energy of Air.  Air energy is the energy of imagination, creativity, intuition, technology and humanitarianism.  Our focus will shift from the need for external success and achievement to the pursuit of inner peace, happiness and equality for all.  And like the best things in life, these old ways of being need to be well and truly smashed and destroyed so as there can be no hope of that old way ever returning, and then we have to re-birth, re-build and re-create in a stronger more sustainable and more equitable way. 

2021 is the start of the new earth.  There will be much change, and we will all start to step into our own sovereignty and our own powerful intuition as well as critical thinking.  We will find our tribes of like-minded souls who are seeing what we are seeing and feeling what we are feeling, and these souls will be from every corner of the earth – we will start to see that what is outside of us and not in our orbit needs not to be our concern.  And we will see how similar we all are no matter what our differences may be. 

More and more truth will be revealed as this decade continues with 2021 being the pivotal year.  Being the first year of a new decade as well as the middle year of a 9-year earth cycle, it has the job of setting the intention and the essence of what needs to change and as it’s a No. 5 year – BIG change will be upon us.  And as we each step out of fear and into love, we get to manipulate that change and we get to make it for our highest good; we take back our power, and it will feel right and normal to do so.  We are awakening once again to our own ability to think, to feel and to connect to our inner selves and intuition to make our decisions, choices and changes.  We are moving into a new reality where we can expect the unexpected as motivators of change, as well as being given the opportunity to create a new world based on structures that are logical, fair and for the highest good of all concerned.  Have no doubt much will come to light in 2021 that will change the world we live in and set it on a new course, and we are all here to be an integral part of this.

So, be strong inside YOU – you are a powerful, beautiful, courageous and brilliant soul and you are here for a purpose.  Find your inner peace, find your focus and most importantly connect with your Higher Self and allow that divine part of you to take charge as it will never lead you astray.  When you do this all the energy you emit and represent with be of the highest frequency and will therefore have a powerful impact on the energy for change in our world.

Thank you all for your support over this year, I appreciate each and every one of you and I hope you continue to enjoy and benefit from my channelled posts and teachings.  I wish you all a New Year full of Love, Hope and Faith in YOURSELVES, and in all that the changes around you may bring to you.  Never forget you are loved; you are divine, and you are blessed souls on a journey.

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Wishing you all many many blessings for your year ahead!  xox