Blog Post 18 March 2019

I write this Post from a country in mourning for a massive and senseless loss to its people, and I would like to thank everyone in the world who has sent their prayers, healing, sympathy and love to New Zealand, and to Muslim people all over the world.  This is not us, and we will stand up for all who live here no matter what their religion, colour, gender or race.

This Mercury Retrograde has been touted as being the most evil retrograde in years and since this planetary turn it has certainly felt that way.  Mercury is in Pisces and Piscean energy represents illusion.  And on top of this we have the powerful Capricorn energies of power, patriarchy and ambition, opposing and challenging the Cancerian energy of compassion, empathy and understanding for all that there is.  These powerful energies have been growing and growing in power as Saturn and Pluto move closer to one another and so on a global and personal level the challenges we are facing are HUGE.  The move of Chiron into Aries is also represented here as we are all feeling our own personal needs and rights very strongly.  We want to have things our way and until we settle into this energy it is vital that we all take a step back and look to what is for the highest good of all concerned, and not just for our own personal needs, beliefs or ambitions. 

It feels as if we have run out of rungs to climb on our “rise above” ladder.  At this time, we are being challenged like never before to keep rising above, to not allow the darkness and hatred of this world to be in charge of us and the way we live, or to drag us down to its level.  And it’s hard – it’s very hard.  But we have to keep going – because we are the only ones who can change this, and we cannot let hatred win.  Never forget that you are here for a reason, and that reason is about helping humanity and this planet to evolve.

What has happened in New Zealand was about one man’s hatred and this is something we need to keep in perspective.  We are not here to bow down to hatred or to be controlled by fear – we are here to rise above such pointless and destructive beliefs so we can create peace on earth.  

The energies of the cosmos are pushing us forward at a rate of knots, throwing illusion after illusion at us, until we can finally realise that what we feel in our hearts is the only truth, and that what we see outside of ourselves cannot and does not define us or represent us.  When we tune into the outpourings of love and compassion all around the world that have been the positive result of such horror, we can truly see and feel that we are not alone in our need and desire for change here on the earth plane.  WE ALL want peace – except of  course for those who profit from the opposite.  And it is those who profit either materially or emotionally from this hate mentality whose power we need to take away.

Darkness cannot penetrate light – but light can always penetrate darkness.  So, rise above, believe that there is still a light to shine even in these dark and challenging times, because without you and your light, we are a person less on the side of LOVE.  The world needs each and every one of you right now to send out your healing love and light to every corner of the planet and to defeat the hate and fear that so many hide behind.  

We are love, we are light, we are divine and when we stand together, we can move mountains.  Blessings xox