Blog Post 4 October 2018
The image with this Blog Post is one of the “orbit of Venus” as she does her dance around the Sun.  As you can see she creates a stunning flower pattern showing how every aspect of her energy and her journey through the cosmos and through our lives is about beauty and how we relate to this.
Venus spends 9 months as the Evening Star in our skies and then through the shadow Retrograde and Retrograde period she disappears from our view only to re-emerge around 2 months later as the Morning Star.  And so, as she disappears from our night skies she descends into the underworld which signifies us descending into our own underworlds or inner worlds.  We do this so as we can attend to our natural need for love and its experiences, and so as we can put an end to all that has damaged this part of us.  We then re-emerge with her as the Morning Star to create new beginnings in our world of love and relationships.
When Venus Retrogrades into Scorpio tomorrow we will all be diving deep into our inner worlds.  Venus rules how we love, our relationships with others and our relationship with money, and when she enters the deep, dark and intense domain of Scorpio its time for what is hidden to be exposed.  This is a time when old lovers or the reminders of old relationships can appear once again in our lives so as we can close the door completely on these, and on all or any residue, unaddressed issues and old wounds that are holding us back because of these.  Whether we think we have put such things to rest or not, the fact is that there is nearly always something left over that we have not wanted to admit too, or that we have ignored.
The planet Venus is the planet that retrogrades the least out of all the planets in the cosmos, and so when she makes this move we need to pay attention.  It has been 8 years since she last was Retrograde in Scorpio and forced us to go really deep within ourselves and our relationships, and now as she makes this move again it is vital that we don’t try to bury or ignore what is revealed to us.  The next approximately 40 days are for us to face up to our fears and old wounds so as we can release them and in doing so release the past as well.  All that will be presented to you during this time will have a powerful purpose in allowing you to completely end and cut old ties with others.  This, in turn, opens the door for new partnerships and relationships to be created that aren’t tainted or tarnished by the old fears and beliefs from past relationships and loves.  All the hurts you have experienced in your life can leave a scar on you that you then use to judge yourself and your future relationships.  By using the energy of Venus Retrograde you clear out not only the hurts inflicted by others but also the hurts you have inflicted on yourself through the lack of confidence, surety and worth that love’s experiences have made you feel.
During Venus Retrograde it is not considered to be a good time to go rushing into any major purchases or to start any new love relationships or for you to have a complete makeover.  You are clearing out the debris of the old and until this is done, and done completely, you are better off waiting and focussing on evicting those skeletons from your closet.  This way you can be assured that anything new that you do begin after Venus turns Direct again, will be coming from a stronger you and not based on or tarnished by any fears or insecurities from your past.  You are putting the past to rest and there will be significant endings in your life because of this. The best and brightest new beginnings always start on a fresh sheet of paper, not one that is wrinkled and creased from the past, so address and deal with all that comes up for you and you will free yourself up emotionally, mentally and spiritually for the future.
Venus turns Direct once again on 5 November and this will be the time to start looking to creating and instigating those new relationships with others and with yourself, as well as to have that makeover and make that expensive purchase.  Do not try to bury or ignore the past that presents itself to you at this time.  With Jupiter also in Scorpio, you have SO much support for letting go and revealing all of your inner beauty to yourself and to the world.  Go down like the Evening Star – deep within your own emotions and cut those old and hurtful ties, and then emerge as the Morning Star – strong, beautiful and sure of your LOVE and what this means to you.  Blessings xox