Blog Post – 16 October 2018

As we move more deeply into Venus’s Retrograde trip through Scorpio we are being asked to focus on our relationships.  And as 2018 is also the Year of the Divine & Sacred Relationship there is no better time than right now for us all to re-evaluate and re-vamp the sacred relationship we have with ourselves.

The relationship we have with ourselves is the ccornerstone and the foundation for all the other relationships in our lives.  Until this internal relationship is solid, positive and productive we are often not able to fully allow ourselves to connect with another soul on a level of trust, love and honesty.  And therefore developing relationships that are meant to bring out the best in us can instead create relationships that bring out the very worst in us.  The power of the Scorpio energy here encourages us to go deep and to reveal to ourselves all the darkness and insecurities that lie within. So, during this Retrograde period, it is a powerful and fully supported time for us all to look deeply into how we treat ourselves, and how we speak to ourselves on a daily basis.

How often do you pat yourself on the back and say, “well done, I’m proud of you”?

How often do you stop yourself during a busy day and allow yourself some time to focus on and attend to your own needs?

How often do you say Yes when you really want to say No?

And how often do you find fault in yourself when there are a million reasons for you to find perfection in yourself?

You are here to learn – nothing more and nothing less.  And every relationship you have during your time on the earth plane is about learning something about yourself.  Not so you can put yourself down and judge yourself, but so as you can change, develop and evolve your relationship with yourself through all that you experience with others.

Use the timing of this powerful Retrograde to look to where your ability to love yourself and honour yourself is challenged within you.  Take time out to redefine your boundaries so as more understanding, empathy and valuable time can be spent in developing YOU and all that there is to love and appreciate about being YOU.  This is a powerful time to remember and reinforce the understanding that you have done nothing wrong, and that you are the victim of nothing and no-one.  You cannot succeed in life without failing first, and you cannot find peace outside of you until you find it within you.

We are all worthy of all the love the Universe has to offer us – but the Universe cannot bring this to you while you are creating a wall of denial around you by not giving that love to yourself first and foremost.  Like attracts like and love attracts love.

So be kinder to yourself, buy yourself some flowers, take time for a walk on the beach, eat your favourite food and most importantly of all, think and feel only positive and constructive thoughts about yourself.  And when Venus turns Direct again on 5 November, you can take yourself out to the world as a stronger, more peaceful and more empowered soul than the one you were before this Retrograde begun.

You are loved, you are worthy, and you have the power to be the best version of you that you can possibly be – believe in this with everything you have as it is the most powerful life changer you will ever have.  Blessings xox