Blog Post 8 August 2018
As of yesterday, we have a new player in the Retrograde game and that is Uranus – the planet of change and independence.  He is currently transiting through Taurus and encouraging and promoting deep change that comes from ground level forgiveness.  He is encouraging us to change the very cornerstones of who we are and what we are here for, and he is asking us to do this for the benefit of humankind and this planet we live on.
Another Retrograde may feel like the last thing we need right now as we are under this deluge of introspection and introversion – but isn’t it always better to deal with life as it occurs rather than waiting for the “perfect time”?  There is no perfect time, and NOW is the time that you and the Universe have chosen to use to make pivotal and sustainable changes.   So, as confronting and confusing as these times may be for some, there is a purpose to it all and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Humankind has always chosen to learn the hard way, it is what we do, and the current formidable line-up of Retrogrades is designed to make it very clear to us as individuals and as a planet, exactly where we have got it all wrong and exactly where things need to change.  All of these awarenesses are being stirred up and agitated so as we can not only see them but so as we can also feel the effects of them, as this is how we learn on the earth plane.  So, whatever is coming up for you at present in your life, don’t run away from it. Interrogate it, analyse it, understand it and release it.  All that is being revealed to you are the symptoms of the deeper wound that you have carried for too long now.  How can we move forward and be the best we can be when we hold on to our old wounds?  Uranus in Taurus encourages forgiveness, and while he is in Retrograde motion, that forgiveness is very much about forgiving yourself.  Yes, it’s been a very hard couple of months, there is no denying that, but look to what you have learned about yourself and what has been revealed to you about how you operate underneath it all?  These are gems of the highest value.
Each and every one of you will have discovered something about yourself; something that you had kept well hidden; or refused to acknowledge; or even lied to yourself about.  And as you allowed the memories/fears/insecurities to arise you got to see a part of yourself that was wounded and that needed to be healed.  Perhaps you felt unworthy, or perhaps you felt like a fraud, or perhaps you have too many secrets, or perhaps you realised how many times you said No when you could have said Yes.  Understand that we ALL carry such things – you are not alone and there is nothing wrong with you – you are a soul on a journey through the experience of life, and you are doing just fine.
On 11 August we have the final Leo Solar Eclipse.  At this time also sitting in Leo energy will be the Moon, the North Node and Mercury adding emotion, destiny and communication to the mix.  Although this will just be a partial Solar Eclipse the energy will still be very strong and very transformative.  It will be shown to you during this time where you can expand upon your courageousness and your valour.  All that you have seen and learned about yourself and your life during these powerful Retrogrades have educated you and empowered you and the Solar Eclipse energy gives you the opportunity to activate your courage, to speak up and to make a difference.  You have seen, felt and learned – now what can you do to make use of all of this?  I encourage you to use this Eclipse to empower yourself to BE part of the change that is so needed here.  This is a very powerful time for dreaming big and finding the way to make your dreams a reality.  (It is still not time to act on such things yet – you are best to wait until at least 26 August when Mercury is well out of Retrograde and moving Direct once again).
This final lunar eclipse comes just before the planets start to slowly, one by one, move into Direct motion once again.
It has been a very long time since we have had so many planets in Retrograde at one time, not to mention three Eclipses in a row and so quite rightly our lives and the planet have had a good shake-up.  And as things start to settle and calm down for us all, look to where things have landed for you.  Solar Eclipses bring new beginnings, and so I would encourage you all to go with any new opportunities that are presented to you at this time.  They are a gift from the heavens and even though they may not seem to tick all your boxes or perhaps even be exactly what you were looking for, they are your next step forward along your soul’s journey.  Blessings xox