BLOG POST – 11 May 2018
On 16 May the most significant planetary shift of 2018 takes place. For the first time in 84 years the planet of sudden and unexpected change, Uranus, will move into Taurus.  Uranus has been in Aries since February 2010 bringing disruption and upheaval designed to burn out and expose the cracks in our lives and the way in which we treat our planet.  Uranus in Taurus is like the semblance of order coming out of the chaos – that illusive pathway to a better life.
Saturn and Pluto, also both in Earth signs, have been teaching us much about perseverance and focus especially since they have been in Retrograde motion.  Lately, we have found ourselves constantly analysing and re-visiting our intentions and attitudes seeking to find where we need to strengthen ourselves and where we need to repair and re-structure our lives so as they can be built on concrete foundations.  We have been presented with our failings and our fears, not so as we can suffer and feel hopeless, but so as we can make good on and change what does not serve us well.
Uranus always brings change, and nine times out of ten, that change is NOT what you expected.  It is his job to shake us up, make us think outside the box, and to make us aware of where we need to make changes, but lack the courage to do so.  To this end, he can take over, rip this unused power from our hands, and MAKE the changes happen that we have run away from for so long, or that we were oblivious too.  So, this will be a time when whatever happens for you may not feel or seem like it is what you need it to be, or can even benefit from, but rest assured once the dust settles you will see and you will understand why the change had to come in such a way, and how necessary it was for you.
It is so easy for us to see and know what we don’t like or want in our lives, but we hold back from making changes time and time again, simply because we are too scared of what this may bring, or because the effort to change is more than we feel we are capable of.  The powerful Retrogrades of late, have been really stirring things up inside of all of us, bringing out all those “what if’s?” and “if only I had…” and in doing so made very clear to us all how uncomfortable and unfulfilling our lives have been and continue to be while we resist change.  And so along comes Uranus – Mr Curve Ball himself – to shake up and revolutionise each of us to take a new direction, to formulate a new attitude, and to gain a new perspective.
Taurus rules the earth and so this will be a time where seeds will be planted, and where we can use the methodical and practical energy of this sign to nurture and take care of these seeds until they are ready to grow.  We can liken Uranus arriving in Taurus as the explosion of a seed pod – throwing its precious cargo out in every direction giving us new growth and potential success, especially in the areas of our lives that is ruled by Taurean energy.  Flowers and fruit will not grow overnight, as this is about systematic and long-lasting change.  However, new beginnings will occur, and under the influence of this cosmic energy, will have the ideal conditions in which to grow, mature and bear all the blessings of a bountiful harvest in the future.
Our health and well-being as a planet will be affected by this planetary change.  It will bring with it not only a global awakening to action changes now, but also the ways and means through innovation and structure to make sure that these changes are here to stay.  Taurus energy is stubborn and will not move or compromise unless its personal needs are met in full.  Planet Earth herself is moving into alignment with the stars to seek her healing and renewal and she is stubbornly demanding now that we attend to her needs first and foremost.  We are being reminded that no seed or dream can be expected to grow and bear fruit when it is not planted in soil that supports its growth, and when it is not nurtured and encouraged to be the best it can be.  You are a seed planted here to grow, as are your dreams and your goals in life.  Uranus in Taurus wants us to plant our feet firmly in the ground, so as what we aim for and what we wish to achieve can grow strong and tall within us and from here out into the world that we live in.
Nothing can grow without the right conditions to do so.  Everything must be “real” and sustainable to flourish.  A lot of hard work and discipline has been and is still being asked of us, but now we can start to see the beginnings of the rewards from this start to fall into place.  Just hours before Uranus enters Taurus we have a beautiful New Moon in Taurus, bringing the emotional need for abundance and peace and readying us for what changes are to come.
So, expect the unexpected, make peace with what is presented too you.  And, be assured that no matter what curve ball Uranus throws your way at this time, it will be in your best interests and it will bring the new beginnings and advancement that you desire… just in its own time and in its own way.  Blessings xox