Blog Post 1 March 2019

Chiron is now fully enveloped in Arian energy, where he will stay for the next approximately 8 years.  And this means its time to open up all those wounds, clean them out thoroughly once and for all, and HEAL.  

This year really has taken off with a hiss and a roar with all our major planetary influences moving forward in Direct motion, we had no choice but to do the same.  It has been an intense and powerful journey through the first two months of 2019, but it has served its purpose.  

A lot of anger, intolerance and self-righteousness has come up for many souls throughout this time, as their bodies strive to release in some way, the old hurts, wounds and scars of the past that feel as if they have all been reignited within us.  Many people have found themselves at a complete loss to understand the actions and words of others, whilst others have found themselves dishing out anger and pain to those around them.  Whether you have been the recipient of these projections, or the projector yourself, these events have been a somewhat necessary evil for all of us.  You see you cannot heal and fix what you don’t understand or what you don’t accept.  And so, the energies of the cosmos have been pushing our internal buttons and allowing the other actors in our personal stage-shows to provoke and encourage us to deal with our inner “stuff”.  

What goes in must come out!  This is a fundamental law of nature.

So, if you have been feeling put upon, hurt by others or victimised for things that you feel are unjustified and uncalled for, or, if you have been the one dishing out the negativity to those around you, then there is work to be done by you, to heal yourself.  Chiron in Aries gives you sole charge and makes you the leader and the healer of your own pain.  Any experiences or situations you may find yourself in at this time, have been put there so as you can identify where you are still susceptible to the words and actions of others, and therefore where you yourself do not feel whole, complete and at peace.  

Yes, it is wrong for others to project their pain and their insecurities on to you, but sometimes that’s what it takes to make YOU see where you still have some work to do on yourself.  Chiron has only just completed his first circuit of the signs of the zodiac, and now that he is back in Aries and you have experienced his learning through every other sign of the zodiac, he is giving you the ability to become the pioneer of a new way forward, and as Arian energy also represents leadership and action, he is handing the reins over to you.  You know yourself better than anyone else does, but you probably also know that you are quite good and pretending to yourself, lying to yourself and ignoring things about yourself that you really should address….  So, now is the time to come clean, to own what you feel and if you don’t like it, to do something about it.

Chiron works as the rainbow bridge between reality – Saturn, and the higher knowing – Uranus.  So, he is asking you to get real.  Look to what your wounds have and are teaching you, see the lessons rather than the hurt, and use these experiences to grow into who you truly are.  Be the pioneer and the instigator or a better life for yourself and be the healer and the soothsayer for your soul so it can evolve and grow.  You have to let go of the past to embrace the future and this is what Chiron in Aries is encouraging you to do.  

Heal your past and what you cannot change and in doing so you make room and space within yourself and within your life for new directions, awarenesses and opportunities to come in.  Don’t remain defensive and victimised by the words and actions of others, that is just their role in your stage-show designed to open your awareness to what you need to change within yourself.  Stand up, be courageous, speak your truth and most importantly, do not EVER allow the words or actions of another soul to dim your light or put you down.  You are a spark or God, here to learn your lessons and share your gifts, and you are LOVED.  

Blessings xox