My StarWise esoteric astrology teaching is designed to bring self-love and self-empowerment to you through an understanding of who you truly are and the spiritual powers that guide you.


This is a two day Workshop taught by Esoteric Astrologer Deidre Wilton and is designed to help you understand not only the human you are here and now, but your soul’s journey through many lifetimes.

We choose our lives before we are born and your Astrological Birth Chart is the map of all that you have chosen to be and experience in this incarnation. During the Workshop you will learn about the planets and signs of the zodiac and how they effect you personally on your soul journey. The more you can understand who you are in this lifetime, the more self-esteem and self-respect you can build within yourself to walk your spiritual path with empowerment.

My Your Soul Journey Workshop will also include discussions and meditations regarding your past lives. Through the guided meditations I hope to be able to take you into your past lives to find out who you were before and what influence those lives have on you today. This information and experience can help you to understand your life path and spiritual direction, as well as what you have chosen to learn in this lifetime, and who you have chosen to learn this with.

We will also talk about the changes that are occurring on the earth plane at the moment and how they are effecting each and every one of us as we step into the 5th dimension and beyond. This is a wonderful and exciting time for spiritual development and understanding the role you have to play in your life and the lives of those around you.

I will also take you on meditations to meet your Guides and other Spiritual Helpers, so as you can work more closely with one another for the highest good of all concerned.

Another important part of the Workshop will be the understanding of the Self/Ego and Higher Self within each of us.  These two sides of you can often be battling for control of who you are and what you do.  During my Workshop I will give you tools and esoteric knowledge to assist you to work with the spiritual energy that will make your highest good and wellbeing the primary focus in your life – now and always.  Learning to face what you fear in life is not easy but it is vital to your self-development and you allowing yourself to live to your true potential and ultimate happiness.

Whether you are looking for a spiritual awakening or to further your spiritual development my Your Soul Journey Workshop can help you to walk your life path with the self-confidence that comes from loving yourself for the beautiful spiritual being that you are.  For us all to truly live and love our lives we must face what we fear and make peace with ourselves through self-love and self-empowerment. We are Spirit having a human experience, and with the love and understanding of our Spiritual Helpers, Angels, Guides and Masters we really can be all that we wish to be.

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required upon booking your space at the Workshop with the balance to be paid upon commencement of the first day of the Workshop.

Email Deidre at deidre.starwise@gmail.com for payment procedures and to register. Bookings are Essential.

“Oh Deidre, it was such a wonderful workshop you lead. I was so impressed with the ease with which you taught us. You held space in a very gentle and yet powerful way. It was amazing, and I learnt so much.”


New Zealand
“Hi Deidre, For years I have been looking through the key hole at the light and not being able to open the door. Your workshop not only unlocked the door but throw the door wide open. Thank You.”


New Zealand
“Dear Deidre, I thoroughly enjoyed your recent weekend workshop in Taupo. It was a great to have the opportunity to connect with spirit in a safe, inclusive setting. I had been apprehensive about my first past life experience, but under your guidance I had a very moving journey.”


New Zealand


Learn Astrology with Esoteric Astrologer Deidre Wilton one-on-one via Skype.

Deidre will work with you, at your own pace, to enhance your spiritual understanding of Astrology through a greater understanding of the Planets, Signs and Houses, and how they effect our spiritual growth and self-development on the earth plane.  Through a deeper understanding of Astrology you can not only build self-confidence in yourself, but also learn to understand those around you and their spiritual life and soul journey in this lifetime as well.

This is a five week Course, of 5 x 45 minutes Skype Sessions with Deidre where you study, from a spiritual perspective, the planets that guide us and the signs of the zodiac that define us.

No two of us are alike and our self-awareness, as Spiritual Beings having a human experience, can be heightened through the study of Astrology in general, as well as your own unique Birth Chart interpretation.  This Course will also give you valuable insight and understanding into those around you, their soul journeys, and what makes them tick.

No previous astrological knowledge is necessary to enrol in the StarWise Esoteric Astrology Classes, all that is asked is an open mind and the willingness to embrace further spiritual awakening and self-awareness.  You will receive written notes alongside the teaching and a personalised StarWise Astrology Birth Chart written exclusively for you.

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