Blog Post 6 June 2018
Blog Post 6 June 2018
What a past few weeks it has been?!  This has been a time of great activity in the cosmos and therefore on the earth plane as well.  The move of Mars into Aquarius and Uranus into Taurus has meant that for many all that they deemed to be steadfast, reliable and sure of has been tossed up in the air, and even out the door in some cases, as the energies of change accost us.  It’s always “expect the unexpected” with Uranus and this on its own can be quite manageable.  However, the move of Mars into Aquarius at the same time has taken what was intended to be solid and reliable change and thrown a good dose or rebelliousness and alternativeness into the mix leaving many feeling like they are either completely without personal power in their lives, or looking towards their futures with no idea of what is going to come next.
The upside of this is that many of you have been given an extra dose of passion and creativity for new projects, desires and opportunities.  And now is the time to start taking actioning these.  The challenge is to decide which of the many options coming at you, to direct your energy into.  No matter what is happening with the busy inner planets, we must always remember that the “big guys” the outer planets, are setting the stage for us and it is their rules and structures that we must create and move within.  And at present, this is solid grounding Earth energy.  This means that it is not a good idea to run with every idea that comes to you or to grasp hold of any new opportunity that comes your way.  To stand in your power and to be confident of what to do, you need to take your time with your choices, to focus on them with intent and determination and to take ALL the necessary steps, both big and small, to make them a reality.  For so long as we are trying to grab hold of everything, we spread ourselves too thin and then run the risk of not having the stamina or the perseverance to keep going.  So, it is best at this time to just focus on one or two ideas, projects or opportunities, and to do them to the very best of your ability and then if they are still growing for you – even in small stages – you will know that you can put your faith there and that they will slowly but surely manifest into something bigger for you with time.
Everything we experience on the earth plane is for learning and this can be very hard to remember when your life is being turned upside down in some way.  Never has there been a  more important time for us all to practise mindfulness on every level.  Do not let the fear of change, or fear of anything for that matter, stop you from doing and being what your heart is telling you is right for you.  There are always signs around you prompting you, encouraging you and showing you where to go and what to do, and the more mindful of these you can be the easier your path will be.  Mars is the planet of war and Aquarius the energy of the rebel, and this is fantastic energy to initiate change and to have the power to see that change through to fruition.
So, believe in yourself; believe in what you are feeling to be true, and don’t be afraid to act upon this if it means you will be free and liberated within yourself and to do what inspires you the most.  Take back your power by deliberately choosing a path and the Universe will respond in kind.  And never forget the earth plane is a School of Learning – not suffering, and that change is inevitable and always necessary for your soul’s growth.  Blessings xox