Blog Post – 3 May 2018
How are you all?  If you are feeling overwhelmed, despondent, angry, ashamed, full of regret or just downright bogged down by your life right now, then you are right on track!
This combination of Pluto the transformer, Saturn the taskmaster and Jupiter the truth seeker all in Retrograde motion feels like we are being taken on a journey through our past failures and regrets.  It’s like walking through your own personal gallery of imperfections and mistakes and as all of these old thoughts, memories and emotions reveal themselves to you, it hurts.
The first step is for us all to accept completely the fact that we have not always got it right, that we have hurt people and been hurt ourselves in the process and most importantly that we have not led “perfect” lives.  We are Spirit having a human experience, and therefore it is a journey of learning and we learn the best, as humans, when we get it wrong and when we fail.  The more we judge ourselves and reprimand ourselves for not getting it right, the worse we feel about ourselves and our past, and so the cycle of negativity and judgement continues.  All is energy and so what we feel personally radiates out and then becomes what is known as a collective global energy that manifests into people, events and actions of hatred, war and intolerance on the earth plane.
Accept your past and all that it contains.  Love it for what it taught you and forgive yourself for not learning immediately.  Every bad experience within you holds an energy of pain which when not healed builds up into more pain and physical sickness.  You have done nothing wrong – none of us have lived perfect lives and none of us are perfect in every way.  But we are still of value, and we are still loved, and we are still worthy.
The second thing to understand here is the necessity of this particular Retrograde period.  Its purpose is to expose to us all on a personal level the unfairness and injustice in the world, that we can see and resonate with through our own personal experiences.  As we expose and realise things about ourselves, we can then shift these energies out of the way to reveal what lies beneath – the beauty and magic of our creativity, our new beginnings and the honest and true you.   Giving birth to something new or creating a new path for yourself is never going to successful if it is built on shaky or unsure foundations.  By revealing your imperfections and your regrets in life, you are in an honest communion with your soul and your Higher Self, and it is from this space that anything you create and believe in can and will manifest into all that you seek.
The influence of these powerful planets in Retrograde is going to be over us for a few more months to come, so this is a slow process that will ensure that we leave no stone unturned as we allow ourselves to go deeper and deeper into who we truly are.  And, as we wipe that slate clean, the joy of what we can then create with our new-found energy and creativity is exposed to us.
We are in a very special time on the earth plane at present whereby all that has been accepted, tolerated, brushed over and ignored in the way that we treat one another and this planet, is being exposed and called out in a big way.  The rise of the Divine Feminine in each and every one of us is demanding equality and fairness for ALL beings and it will not stop until this goal has been met.  The more we can all as individuals identify and release our own personal judgements the less energy of judgement there will be globally.  It all starts and ends with us as individual parts of the oneness.
So, you’re doing great!  Be kind and be gentle with yourself as your past is revealed and make peace with your imperfections – you are being set free so as you can be so much more.  Blessings xox