Blog Post 20 March 2019

Tomorrow we have a Super Full Moon in Libra and what a stunningly appropriate lunar vibe for us all to be under at this time.

Libran energy represents balance, equality and harmony and it rules relationships.  One of the strongest traits that goes with this sign of the zodiac is its ability to see both sides of any story.  It is no surprise that Libran people tend to make brilliant teachers, counsellors, negotiators and mentors.  Libran energy gives us the ability to weigh things up and to detach from the story being told so as we are able to see all the different perspectives that make up that very story.

And when we place the ruler of our emotions, the Moon, into this energy we are being given the power, encouragement and ability to balance out our emotional states and to give our best and highest regard to all the relationships we are in that make up our daily lives.  Human beings are not solitary creatures, we need one another, and we are here to learn to work and co-exist with one another in the most balanced, just and gracious way possible. 

None of us can deny that what the world needs now is compassion, understanding and peace but to establish this in our outside worlds we must first practise and master it in our personal lives.  Therefore, at this Full Moon the more we can all focus on the relationships we have with ourselves and with those closest to us and look to where these may be out of balance, needing compassion or even being completely ignored, the more we can learn and grow.  All is energy, and so the relationship you have with your inner self and those around you creates energy.  When that energy is positive, balanced and focussed on the highest good of all concerned, we cannot help but send out that same energy to the world around us.  But, when those important relationships in our lives are not in balance and our energy is being used to overly support, co-depend, judge, control or manipulate ourselves or other souls, then that energy you are sending out is destructive and negative. 

Use the energy of this Full Moon to find forgiveness, compassion and understanding for your journey, and everyone who plays their part in this, and then radiate this positive and loving energy out to the world around you.  And in particular at this time, send love and healing to our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world who are hurting so much at this time.  Focus on the simple principle that we are all souls on a journey, none of us any better or greater than the other, and that we are here to love and support one another in every way possible.

Full Moon blessings of love and light to you all.  xox