Blog Post – 10 July 2018
On 13 July 2018 (NZ time), we have the first of three very powerful eclipses.  This first eclipse will be a Solar Eclipse in Cancer.  This means that the New Moon – in Cancer, will move between the Sun – also in Cancer, and the earth.  In doing so she blocks out the light from the Sun which in turn creates an energy that allows massive change to take place.  As each new day dawns out of the darkness of the night, we are very familiar with this emergence of energy.  We often see seeds sprout into seedlings, and buds erupt into flowers as a new day begins.  But when it’s the dark of night happening in the light of day, the energy is of extreme importance as it allows pivotal, sustainable and no-going-back-from changes to occur in our lives.
Solar Eclipses tend to create opportunities for massive new and important beginnings in our lives, and Lunar Eclipses tend to be more about important endings in our lives.  It is as if the Universe uses these times to take what has been smouldering and stagnating in your life and annihilating it completely so as there is no return to that way of being.  This could be a welcome change for you or one that will completely throw you out of your comfort zone in a direction that you feel you do not want to go in.  You could liken the experience to standing on the top of a diving board.  You’ve made it all the way up the stairs and on to the board but you are too scared to jump – even though the water down there looks so cool and inviting, and even though by making this dive you will face so many of your fears, and come out a stronger and less fearful person, you still can’t take that final step off the end of the diving board – and then somebody gives you a shove from behind and before you know it you are diving.  You know good things can come of this, but you either don’t want to be the one to initiate them or you don’t know how to make them happen for you.  And so the Universe takes over.
Any decisions made under the influence of an Eclipse tend to be carved in concrete and there is no going back from them, and so be very aware of this if you are signing Contracts.  (In fact, I would recommend that you do not sign any major contracts under this influence unless you are already well into negotiations and are fully aware of exactly what you are signing up for).
Life is all about moving forward, and when we stay still too long in something, or keep wanting to go back to what is familiar to us, we stop our growth.  Going back to what is familiar and what has worked before is not going to help you to develop or evolve it will instead keep you in a space of fear, and it is very difficult to believe in anything, especially yourself, if you are in a space of fear.
Pluto the Ruler of the Underworld will be directly opposing this Solar Eclipse throwing even more darkness at the Moon.  The Moon represents our emotions and when she is sitting in Cancer she is not only at home here, but she is highlighting our intuitive abilities, our creativity, our compassion and our deepest feelings.  Pluto will be shining his direct influence into these aspects of you at this time, and so be prepared for some emotional stuff to be revealed to you.  Pluto will be revealing to you the parts of yourself that keep you in darkness or that keep you from revealing your light.  Perhaps you have an addiction or some other negative habit and although you may be aware of its unhealthy effect on you, you still hold on to it?  The power of Friday’s Solar Eclipse will reveal this personal challenge to you in a way that makes you very aware of what it is doing to you and how much you need to change this and rid yourself of it, so as you can have a better life.
On a positive note, at this time of new beginnings the more you can spend time this week and over the weekend visualising your wildest and strongest dreams and wishes coming into reality, the more likely they are to eventuate.  To embrace the new we must clear out the old, that is a given, so don’t fight against what you are presented with by this Eclipse.  Rather spend this time dreaming and seeing within your own mind’s eye the life you wish to have; the partner you are waiting for; the ultimate job and career; or the perfect home to own.  Show the Universe what your highest desires are and in doing so you will find that whatever is presented to you as an ending, will be but a small sacrifice along the way to you finding a brilliant and beautiful new beginning in your life.
Eclipses are the Universe’s proverbial kick in the butt time.  They give us – whether we like it or not – the opportunities to change our lives through events that are brought to us rather than created by us.  As we co-create with the Universe, at Eclipse time it’s like the Universe has taken over the driving seat and we are merely passengers.  However, the Universe will ALWAYS have your best interests at heart.  So, even if the changes coming your way are not what you feel you want, I can guarantee you that within 6 months at the most, of your experiences at this Eclipse time, you will be aware, thankful and happy to be on your new path and/or taking that new direction forward.
So, for now – visualise, create and dream of all that you wish to be, do and have and give the Universe her space to do what she knows is best for you at this time.  Your life is your gift and it is now time for you to unwrap another layer of it.  Blessings xox