Blog Post 1 September 2018
As an Esoteric Astrologer, Saturn has always seemed to me to be the most important player in our Astrological Charts and in the heavens above.  This is because he is our Teacher and our Disciplinarian.  He is not the friendly “I’ll give you straight A’s because you come to class and usually do your homework” kind-of-a-teacher, he is a hard taskmaster and he demands complete discipline, focus and authenticity from us.  The greatest contradiction we often have to face in life is between what Saturn is trying to teach us, and what Society tells us we should do and be.
Saturn’s true message is: “honour yourself”, “look after your own needs”, “practise self-discipline” and “always be responsible for yourself in every way”.
Whereas we can interpret this as; “honour the needs of others above your own because they naturally know better”, “beat yourself up regularly for all your perceived imperfections”, and “taking responsibility for yourself means judging yourself and everyone around you”.
Saturn will turn Direct in Capricorn on 7 September taking us out of our inner learning and back on the stage once again.  One of the hardest things about his recent Retrograde transit was how much he encouraged us all to beat up on ourselves and to amplify all that we did not like in ourselves and our lives.  It is always of the utmost importance that we are honest with ourselves. However, being honest doesn’t mean you have to be mean to yourself.  We all have shortcomings, baggage, fears and insecurities and this Retrograde phase – especially during July and August when we had a host of planets also confronting our inner world – really brought these home to us. Saturn in Retrograde is designed to make us aware of these things, but not to stay stuck in them or judge ourselves harshly for having them.  Never, ever forget that we are here to learn – nothing more and nothing less.  And the humanness of us tends to learn best when it is challenged.
So, now that our teacher and disciplinarian is coming out of our inner world and into our outer world, it is time to take all those things that you found within that you did not like or could not make friends with and turn them around.  Remember we are in a time of great change on the earth plane and the power lies with you.  Are you going to continue to beat up on yourself, judge yourself and believe that your glass is constantly half-empty?  Or, are you going to accept yourself, change your ways and present yourself to the world as a glass that is half full and well on its way to overflowing?  It is time my friends, to stop being your own worst enemy and become your own best friend.
Saturn will be sitting in Capricorn energy for well over another two years, so this is just the beginning of you taking charge of disciplining yourself, changing yourself and loving yourself.  And he will, if you let him, keep you on track and moving forward slowly and steadily towards your destination.  You just need to follow his rules and not fall into unnecessary self-destructive and self-loathing ways.
You are loved, and you are Spirit having a human experience – so live, learn and love – because its all up to YOU.  Blessings xox