15 December 2017
In just 6 days’ time, Saturn our mighty teacher and disciplinarian, will shift out of Sagittarius where he has spent the last three years, and into Capricorn where he will remain until December 2020.
Saturn will join Pluto in Capricorn, who has been transiting through this sign of the zodiac since 2008.  During Pluto’s visit here we have all seen the major transformation that this powerful planet brings and now that Saturn is working alongside him, “action” on this transformation will be the major theme.  Therefore we can expect BIG changes in politics, monetary systems, careers, global structures and in Mother Earth herself.  Anything that has been built on a house of cards and without concrete foundations will probably crumble under this energy as we are all being forced to get real, to be aware of what is for the highest good of ALL concerned, and to work with what we have rather than what we think we are entitled too.  At this time on the earth plane we are SO needed to make a difference and to bring to the forefront of everyone’s awareness the need for community and for looking after one another in a caring and practical manner.  Pluto has been sitting in this energy for nearly 10 years now bringing radical change and disruption to everything from our financial markets to our governments etc, and now it is Saturn’s job to come in and force us to take action that is worthwhile and lasting.  Saturn is at home in Capricorn so he gets the last word here.  The next three years will be a time on the earth plane of restoring order, creating sustainable restructuring and putting in place things that can mean future success and stability for the world that we live in.  And this means major change across the board.
We are already seeing the up-ending of the patriarchal energy that has ruled us for so long and with 2017 being the year of the Rise of the Divine Feminine there is no doubt that this powerful energy of change is starting, and with Saturn being the ruler of  “action” the next three years will see this continue to grow and grow.  This is a very powerful time for women.  The energy of the Divine Feminine is now in action and if you look around you in your personal lives, and on a global level, you will see that the major changes and awarenesses that are being shown to us are mostly coming from women.  We are the change the world so desperately needs.  Men of course also have a Divine Feminine energy inside of them, and women must help them to develop this through being more in touch with their intuitive nature, their creativity, and their compassion, as they too have a vital role to play here.  These are the greatest and most powerful tools we ALL possess and NOW is the time to use them.  So, please during this very important transit do the best you can possibly do to wake up, help, educate and love those around you, so as they too can come to the light and align themselves with the ascension of this planet.  This is the beginning of true equality; of love and tolerance for all no matter what your skin colour, sex, race or beliefs may be.  We have already seen how the power of this energy has started to demand and create a permanent change towards equality, understanding and what is for the highest good of all concerned.  With Jupiter moving through Scorpio secrets, deceptions and underhand activities will be exposed and the power of Pluto and Saturn will ensure transformation and action is taken.
Capricorn energy is limiting, demanding, ambitious and it demands responsibility so you can see how our great teacher Saturn is so at home in this energy.  On a personal level, and particularly within your careers, these next three years will be a time where growth will be slow but unshakeable.  For those of you who heeded the call of Saturn in Sagittarius and rose to the challenge of mastering what you do best and of having faith in your greatest talents, you should receive rewards for all the hard work you have done.  However, do be aware that progress may be more limited than you would like it to be, but rest assured there will be progress.  Your greatest rewards over these next three years will be very much based upon how hard you are prepared to work, how much focus you are prepared to give and in your ability to remain positive and optimistic no matter how things may appear to you.  This is not a time when things will be handed to you – your weaknesses will be revealed to you so as you can turn them into your strengths – and all perseverance will be rewarded.
Success is being re-defined at this time, so as we can all start to realise and act on what we can do within ourselves and through self-reliance and selflessness that can make not only a difference to our own lives, but to the lives of those around us as well.  With the shift out of the patriarchal and archaic ways of the last centuries we move towards an understanding and awareness that true success is not about money, assets and public standing – true success is about equality, love and peace within us and within the world we live in and all of us being part of the oneness rather than only lining our own pockets and championing our own causes.
Saturn’s transit through Capricorn until December 2020 is calling us to focus on love and equality for ALL, rather than material gain and self-preservation.  Capricorn energy is very ambitious, and with Saturn’s influence this ambition comes back to YOU and what YOU can do within yourself to embrace your Divine Feminine, and how you can then take action to express this through selflessness rather than the old ways of selfishness.  Dedicate yourself to compassion, to hard work, to what is worth creating in your life and to what you want to be known for.
As individuals and as a global nation we need equality and fairness through balanced structures where hard work is appreciated and success is earned, and where love and tolerance are the key to peace within us and the world we live in.  Blessings  xox