BLOG POST 24 April 2018
We now have three of the biggest planetary powers of the cosmos in Retrograde motion.  Pluto has now joined both Jupiter and Saturn on the internal journey making now the time for some intense learning and transformation.
The biggest challenge with Retrogrades is that they force us to go within to uncover what is really going on, and this is hard work.  While a planet is in Direct motion it is teaching us about the world around us and our role in this, and so it can be challenging but we manage it.  However, when a planet turns Retrograde all that learning and knowing is an internal journey; a voyage into the depths of what we feel and believe, and this is a part of ourselves that can be confronting and even terrifying, if you have to now dig up what you have worked so hard to bury in the past. There can be negative parts of ourselves so deeply buried and ingrained in us, that we believe they are unchangeable and part of who we really are, and this particular set of Retrogrades is going to make much of this very apparent to us.  From a global perspective we can expect a lot more “revelations” and “exposures” to be brought to light as the energy of the earth plane works to rebalance the Divine Feminine and Divine masculine by destroying out-dated and unnecessary beliefs and attitudes.
Jupiter has been Retrograde since early March and will remain in this motion until early July 2018.  With Jupiter in Scorpio we are going deep within to let go of old emotional baggage that is determining the way that we feel about ourselves.  As we remove these blockages we can often find hidden beneath the uncertainty we created here, some of our greatest talents and gifts to share with the world.
Now that Saturn has moved Retrograde, that voyage of discovery that Jupiter has initiated is now going to have rules, structure and a purpose.  And, if you thought life had just got “real” with Saturn moving into Capricorn in late December 2017, his first move into Retrograde motion in this sign, is really going to wake you up and push your buttons.  Saturn, on his Retrograde journey through Capricorn until early September 2018, is taking what Jupiter is exposing as a feeling or memory and making it into an obstacle that you can identify and work through.  Saturn is asking you to identify what is holding you back and to ask yourself why you are putting this here and what you can do to change it.  So many of our fears and our limitations are self-imposed.  We may have taken a simple experience in our past and allowed it to have power over us – this has in turn created a deep-seated fear or blockage within us that hinders our progress and stops us from achieving our greatest goals and successes in life.  We have had 4 months so far of Saturn in Capricorn, and so there have been lessons already in how we structure our lives, what is “real” to us, and the strength that can come from being practical, hard-working and focussed.  Our eyes have been opened to where in our lives we need to create more structure so as we can perform and be the best we can possibly be, and most importantly, so as we can do this without self-doubt and self-defeat creeping in.  Any lies or untruths you have been living by or allowing yourself to believe to date, are now up for revision and letting go of these old, familiar and uncomfortable ways will not be an easy task.
And then along comes Pluto, also turning Retrograde, and taking us on an even deeper journey of discovery within ourselves.  Pluto is undoubtedly adding more fire power to the cosmos with his Retrograde turn in Capricorn, and he is doing the job of the deep cleanser.  All that Jupiter is identifying, and Saturn is working to restructure, Pluto wants to deeply cleanse and therefore transform within you.  We are made up of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and so if Pluto is to do his work successfully, ALL of these bodies must be cleansed.  Therefore, while Pluto is in Retrograde, from now until the beginning of October 2018, it is a very good time for a physical cleanse to rid your body of any toxins it may be carrying.  The Universe is encouraging us to make changes and to do so in a way that is sustainable.  We are being given the opportunity to spring-clean ourselves so as when the planets turn back into Direct Motion, we can move forward cleaner, lighter, more focussed and more aware of our direction and purpose in life.
These Retrogrades will be intense and a testing time for us all, simply because we do not like to look within and to have to pause and do a clean-up when we have busy lives with things to do and places to be.  Having to stop and deal with inner stuff feels like a drag and can completely overwhelm us when it is added to everything else we have to achieve in a day. So be kind to yourselves during these times of great learning and release.   Try not to judge what is coming up for you, but instead see it for what it is and what effect it has had on you.  Being completely honest with yourself throughout this will allow you to truly see your deepest darkest parts and how they hold you back, and once you can know and identify something you can then do what is necessary to transform and restructure this into a positive aspect of yourself.
It is YOU that you are facing right now and if you don’t like what you see and what is buried underneath the external you – you can use these next months to transform yourself so as the energy of the highest aspect of you can become the energy of the real you – inside and out.  Blessings xox