Star Child Workshop


Do you want to delve deeper into the make-up of your precious child? And would like to know how you can best guide and nurture them to happiness and success in life? This workshop is for you!



Your children, just like you, come to the earth plane with their own plan and their own purpose.  My Star Child Workshop is designed to give you an insight into your child or children, so as you can see how to nurture and guide your child through the use of astrology, and the plan that they have made before they were born.  Your child chooses you as their parent or grandparent for very specific and important reasons too, as it is you who will usually be their primary caregiver and influence during those first 6 years of their lives.  This Workshop is designed for a group of like-minded souls – so if you would like to get a group together, Deidre can come to you to share her knowledge and spiritual awareness with you all.  She will then make herself available the following day for personal Star Child Readings which are based exclusively on your child or children.


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