Meditation – Cleansing & Clearing

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A Guided Meditation By Deidre Wilton

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It is impossible for us not to absorb negativity from the world we live in on a daily basis, and therefore it is vital that we learn how to release this energy back to the Universe for its purification, and our peace.

“Cleansing And Clearing” is a Guided Meditation that is designed to be used on a daily basis.  This Meditation will help you to clear yourself of all the negative thoughts and energies you consciously, and unconsciously, absorb during the day.  The Guided Meditation guides you through a process that allows you to clear all this daily “dross” and replace it with the positive, peaceful and loving energy that comes directly from the Spirit World.



A series of relaxing and inspirational Guided Meditations designed to help quiet the busy mind so you can find peace and tranquillity in your daily life, and helping you to release stress and worry. Once purchased you will be able to download this as MP3.