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YOU are invited to join renowned international teacher, Deidre Wilton, Star-Wise Clairvoyant Astrology (, for a two day life-changing Awakening The Soul Workshop.  This Workshop is a one of a kind experience in which you’ll be guided to uncover profound insights and revelations about your life purpose. It is time NOW for us all to awaken to our true soul purpose and to our destiny so as we can live and love the life we have chosen in full awareness and understanding of who we truly are.

This unique Workshop will teach you time tested techniques, as well as new tools and insights into how to decode your life purpose once and for all. Gently and intuitively guided by this highly  experienced teacher, you’ll finally understand why certain events have happened in your  life, and how to use them to reveal your true destiny and true self.

We all come to the earth plane with a destiny and a plan, and all of this can be discovered and activated through the knowledge and understanding you will receive from this intimate Workshop.  During this Event you will be gently and personally guided and assisted by the wisdom and skills provided by your teacher and the Ascended Masters that Deidre works with,  allowing you to not only understand your life path but also your life purpose.

6 reviews for Awakening The Soul Workshop

  1. Niketi

    I am so very lucky, grateful, thankful and appreciative for being a participant in your amazing workshop last weekend. I have such a amazing journey ahead of me and I now have a real purpose to follow through with my contract and commitment to working through it alongside my priceless and treasured blue print astrology report prepared by the sign, elements and planets. I can’t thank Tania enough also if she hadn’t given me the opportunity to join in with the group I would have plodded along with the rest of my life shooting from the hip or as and when required with no plan. You are an miraculous teacher and are so very blessed to carry the teachings of your past teachers and mentors…I will re-teach myself to be my best, and be love as my affirmation given to me via you from the spirits. I loved doing the meditation and have now excited myself into wanting to do more meditation. Thank you, bless you, and may love find you, keep you protected and embrace you in every way.

  2. Ilse

    I attended this workshop with some trepidation as to whether it was right for me. It was. Deirdre conducted the workshop with sensitivity and a confidence that guided each of us individually to recognise what we needed, where we needed to go and gave us the tools to help us on this journey. I can now walk forward through a difficult part of my life knowing it is all part of a bigger picture, and that assistance from the Universe is always there, we only need to ask. It is hard to put into words how I have grown from the weekend workshop. Self realisation and self belief is a powerful tool. Thank you for your guidance and support.

  3. Anne

    Thank YOU very much for coming all the way to teach this.

  4. Elinor

    Hi Deidre, I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity you provided us over the weekend. I read the report and it was very in depth and so accurate! I have so many contradictions and it does make things difficult sometimes. The workshop certainly unblocked the blocks that I had for getting a job or earning money or going forward in my life. So once again thanks for the weekend and your all of support and guidance.

  5. Helle

    Oh Deidre, it was such a wonderful workshop you lead. I was so impressed with the ease with which you taught us. You held space in a very gentle and yet powerful way. It was amazing, and I learnt so much. 

  6. Carol

    I’ve walked this journey with Deidre for 14 years. I get that we came into this life with a purpose and we are who we are because of the choices that we make. The soul journey presents many challenges and with Deirdre’s guidance this course assists you to navigate the storms and embrace your achievements with a smile. Its very cool.

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