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A personal in-depth Astrology Report and Clairvoyant Reading, is your key to understanding who you are and what makes you tick. My combination of Esoteric Astrology and Clairvoyancy in my Readings is designed to empower you though self-love and self-awareness and to give you a practical and spiritual insight into your soul’s journey.



One of my strongest beliefs in life is that if you truly know and understand yourself; why you feel the way you do, what you want out of life and where your passions lie, then you can solve any problem life may throw at you. You choose your life path long before you are born and this personal in-depth StarWise Astrology Report with Clairvoyant or Psychic Reading, is your key to understanding all of this. This Esoteric Astrology Report and Reading is channelled exclusively for you and the unique soul that you are, and is constructed from your birth chart analysis. My Readings are designed to bring self-love and self-awareness to you on your soul journey.  They can inspire your spiritual awakening and help with building your self-confidence so you can step into your power and live your life the way you have chosen too, before you were born.  An esoteric birth chart analysis will identify your past life influences, your health issues, your natural gifts and talents and your emotional way of being, as well as what your future holds in store for you. As a Clairvoyant I also use my Guides and Masters to tune into you and those around you, and we can then have a good picture and spiritual understanding of what is affecting you in your life now.

This Report is very easy to read and understand and is designed as a tool to guide you along your life path.  My special combination of Clairvoyance and Astrology gives a genuine and practical in-sight into the soul you are in this incarnation, and all that you have come to learn and experience.

The StarWise Astrology Report with Clairvoyant Reading can be given as a Personal Reading (face to face, over the phone or via Skype) with the written Astrology Report portion (approximately 10 pages) to be emailed to you after the Reading takes place. Or, if you are unable to meet me via Skype, over the phone, or in person, I can offer you a fully recorded Reading. I will channel this Reading as if I was speaking directly to you, and record it for you and then send it to you via Dropbox along with the above mentioned Astrology Report. The cost for either of these options of Readings is $100.

To order this report, please complete the purchase using the secure Paypal option. Once this is complete, you will be contacted as soon as possible to collect your birth details. If you are located in New Zealand, and prefer to use internet banking, please feel free to contact me at for these details.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Thank you very much for providing me with my first ever Clairvoyant Overview of my Natal Chart. This report not only hit the nail on the head but it pounded it right into where it belongs in one single blow. I could literally see my life in written form with no doubt whatsoever. That is how accurate to the dot the report is. For a soul like me illiterate in Astrology, it is easy to read and at this point I must thank you for providing me with a text book reference of my life path. Thank you so very much for this amazing report . I shall continue to study and refer to it all the time. My greatest thank you to Deidre for your amazing work you are doing not only to me but all the other souls you are touching.

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