Aligning The Soul Workshop


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YOU are invited to join renowned international teacher, Deidre Wilton, Star-Wise Clairvoyant Astrology (, for two days of learning and healing at my NEW Aligning The Soul Workshop.  This two-day Workshop is intended as a follow-on from my Awakening The Soul Workshop, but it can also be attended if you have not already studied with me. 

We are here to walk our own paths and learn our own lessons, but we also carry with us the wounds of our ancestors and family karma, and when we heal these old hurts from the past we heal not only ourselves but our ancestors from the past and our descendants into the future.  And as we choose our lives before we are born, we chose our parents for their DNA and therefore also for the ancestral karma they carry with them.

In my Awakening The Soul Workshop you learned all about your astrology and what makes you tick as well as your past lives and the choices your soul made for its evolvement in this lifetime.  In my Aligning The Soul Workshop we look more deeply into your astrology to see which of the life experiences, lessons and challenges you have chosen relate to your own personal karma and soul’s lessons, and which ones are your ancestral or family karmic lessons that you have inherited.  At this time on the earth plane, we are all releasing old ancestral energies so as we can clear the way for a new way of being and existing, devoid of old obligations, ways of being, prejudices and traditions.  The earth plane and everything that exists upon her cannot continue as it has been, and to change the energy here we need to first look to ourselves and our family lines to heal and release all the old negative and fear-filled ways of being and perceiving life that have existed to date.  You are not here randomly and just for the experience; you came here with a purpose, a job to do and things to achieve for the highest good of all who exist here, and the sooner you can understand your role in all of this, the sooner you can get on with Being the change you were born to be