Blog Post 28 September 2018
Pluto turns Direct on 2 October after around 5 months in Retrograde motion and will now take you out of the depths of your inner self where you may have felt targeted and attacked of late.  During his Retrograde period, he was working his chaotic energy on our inner selves, helping us in his own, especially demanding and relentless way to find our personal mastery.
Pluto represents power and the deepest parts of ourselves.  These depths can feel dark and unfriendly for us and can lead us to parts of ourselves that we would rather not acknowledge or explore.  But when you shine a light on something, you illuminate it and in doing so it can then be worked with, understood and turned into motivation and a tool for change.  Its pretty hard to change something in yourself that you don’t know is there or that you don’t wish to acknowledge.  But our true power comes through the acceptance of and working with, EVERY part of ourselves.  The deeper we dig the more we find and the closer we get to activating our unlimited potential to be the Masters of our selves and our true destinies, rather than slaves to what we think we must do and be according to the needs of others and own fear of change.  Pluto LOVES change and to shake things up and if you are honest with yourself you will have to admit as uncomfortable as change can often be when you face up to it, it is always followed by something great!
What we must remember about the planet Pluto is that he is the planet of transformation and he takes no prisoners.  While he has been in Retrograde, we have all been undergoing inner struggles to help us to identify and redefine our perceived weaknesses and as we do this we re-create ourselves based on our true potential and on what we can actually work and grow with.  Some may have found under his Retrograde influence that they have run out of excuses for not doing what they are meant to do, and for not being all that they can be?  And others perhaps discovered a depth of passion and motivation within themselves that they never knew they had?
The lesson of Pluto Retrograde is that you, and you alone can change your life and that you must do this from a position of power.  All the changes you wish to have and see must come from within you first and foremost.
Pluto Retrograde teaches us that we don’t have to accept and settle for what we know is beneath us or limiting us.  And as he turns Direct it is time for us to take our power back, and to tap into our deepest and greatest potential so as we can create structure for our futures, and activate the deep desire and motivation that will take us all the way to our destinations in the most powerful and masterful way possible.
The light is being turned back on and as it does we can all know that the darkness within has had another dense layer lifted from it.  Saturn is right beside Pluto bringing the much needed restructuring and perseverance that is so necessary for sustainable change.  Its all lined up and waiting for you, so move forward now with your dreams and desires, slowly and carefully putting them into place.  New beginnings are all around us and within us, we just have to keep going, keep focussed and be the Masters of all that we believe in and all that we do.  Blessings xox