21 September 2017
The planet Pluto is one of the most powerful planets in our Solar System when it comes to personal and global change.  He is the planet of transformation and his job is to teach us to master the very depths of ourselves as well as all that we do, so as we are no longer slaves to our lives or to our inner thoughts and feelings.
Pluto has been Retrograde in Capricorn since April this year, and will turn Direct in the same sign later this month.  So, for the past five months you have had the chance to look at the structures of your life, and now once he moves into Direct motion, you will be tested on what you have learned, set in place and now wish to execute.  As we are now coming to the end of 2017 the year in which we were stimulated to look to new beginnings and to make plans for what we can achieve in 2018 and beyond, it is time to step it up and become the master of your life, rather than a slave too it.  Just last month we had 5 major planets in Retrograde motion, so we were encouraged to go deep, to really look to our insecurities and our hidden powers, and to understand where we need to take charge if we wish to see positive change in our lives, and in the world as a whole.
To transform your life in some way or other, you must first be prepared to take responsibility for it and to see what needs to be transformed as something that YOU need to change.  Other people can tell you constantly that you need to change your job, your relationship, your attitude etc, but only YOU can put this into action.
Pluto is the ruler of the underworld, and when we translate this to ourselves as individual souls, this means we are being encouraged to rule our own underworld rather than having this rule you.  Your underworld is everything that you hide from view.  This can be your darkness and fears just as easily as it can be your unexpressed gifts and talents, and until such things can see the light of day they are abstract – unused energy that is building up and having a powerful and often detrimental effect on the inner you.  So during the Retrograde period, Pluto was regurgitating, reviewing and digging up for you all of that underworld stuff that you choose not to acknowledge, usually through fear of what control it could have over you if you did so.
When Pluto turns Direct much will be exposed with us all as individuals and in the world around us as well.  What is broken will need to be fixed.  What is no longer useful and sustainable will need to be gotten rid of and what no longer serves a positive purpose in your life will need to be transformed.
Allow it all to come up and see the light of day, as only when it is in this concrete and tangible form can we then find the tools to alter this energy and to realign it with our highest purpose and with the evolution of this planet.  The more love, compassion and understanding that you can show to that inner part of yourself that you have chosen to ignore or dismiss, the more it can be transformed and the more mastership you will then have over every aspect of your life.
You are a slave to no-one and most definitely not to yourself.  Set yourself free by being brave enough to explore your inner world and to allow it to see the light of day, as only in this way can you create a sound and secure base from which to launch a more powerful and all loving YOU.  Blessings xox