Blog Post 29 November 2018

I cannot express strongly enough the importance of the transit of the Nodes out of the Leo/Aquarius polarity and into the Cancer/Capricorn one.  This massive planetary movement has a huge effect on us all as individuals especially.  The Nodes come in pairs and are always in Retrograde as their soul purpose is to identify what we have not learned from past lives and what we need to learn/create in this lifetime.  They are the only signs in astrology that always move in retrograde motion, therefore their movement is pivotal in teaching us all that we need to focus on to advance and move forward in this lifetime.


You see your soul remembers every lifetime it has ever had, it just has no idea of chronological order or of what is appropriate to use when.  So, as soon as it comes across a person, experience, smell, place, event etc that it recognises, it wants to take you right back to what it is familiar with because from this memory it has experience and therefore knows what to do.  However, these are memories, they are not the reality of this lifetime.  Your South Node represents what you have attempted before but not mastered and therefore it also represents where past karma lies.  Your North Node, on the other hand, represents this lifetime; what it is not so familiar with and what it is here to learn, embrace and clear the karma from.  So, as with everything in life, the humanness of us tends to want to lean towards what it knows, what it recognises and what it feels familiar with.  And we tend to shy away from change, what we don’t recognise and what is alien to us in any way.  However, this is exactly what we are NOT supposed to do, and this is the challenge and the learning of the Nodes.

South Node = what I am familiar with and what I am comfortable with

North Node = what I am here to re-learn and what I may not wish to explore

So, the Nodes are permanently in backward motion – encouraging us to explore what we knew before, but also encouraging us to learn new things and take on different challenges in life.  When they move signs, they are creating a new cycle for us where we can let go of the past and old parts of how we used to be, and make a new start by embracing and mastering new parts of ourselves.

While the North Node was in Leo and the South Node was in Aquarius we were looking back at other lifetimes where we had not felt complete, or not felt like we fitted in with others and where we had skills and talents that also set us apart from others in a unique and creative way.  And we were being asked to step up and be public, proud and courageous in what we felt and knew to be true.  This transit, therefore, resulted in many many souls globally coming forward to talk about the ways in which they have been treated in this lifetime so as they could heal and clear these experiences.  This transit also enabled us to heal and clear any past life aspects where we may have negatively treated others, or been treated ourselves in past lives as well.  The North Node in Leo was about having the confidence and strength to speak up and bring awareness and transparency to the earth plane so that we can as a global nation bring change and empowerment back to those who have been mistreated and disrespected in the past.  Leo energy is full of pride and it is therefore with pride that we now stand up and honestly and openly talk about the things that made so many feel small, insignificant and disempowered in who they were.

Now as the North Node has moved into Cancer and the South Node into Capricorn, we are dealing with past life lessons and awareness of when we have been too cold, too distant, too authoritive and too restricted in any way.  We are being shown that it is not by controlling others, being an authority on things or creating strict rules and structures that we can bring the world together and create a new basis.  It is instead through the use of Cancerian energy that we can release this karma and focus instead on finding compassion, empathy, understanding and support within our inner selves and with those around us.  It is through loving and honouring yourself that you create a firm foundation that cannot be rattled or destroyed by anything outside of yourself.  The answers ALWAYS lie within and none of us can be made happy, complete or be fulfilled by the energy of another soul – only by our own self-love and self-belief.

So, this powerful transit of the Nodes through the polarity of Cancer and Capricorn is to bring us back to our heart centre, to our awareness of caring for ourselves and one another as one global family – unrestricted by colour, sex, nationality, religion or any other antiquated bias.  And we are to move away from the need for outside control or structure to define our lives.  With both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn for another two years and their proximity to one another growing closer by the day, the pressure on society, governments, countries and organisations to reform and change their ways is mounting.  Therefore, we very much need the power of this Cancerian North Node to bring compassion and empathy to these formidable changes, so as they can be for the highest good of ALL concerned and not just for those who have their own agendas.

Neptune, the planet of illusion, deception and imagination has now turned Direct in Pisces after a long Retrograde cycle.  So, we are now out of our dream time and into reality as well.  During that dream time or Neptune Retrograde, we had the opportunity to connect more deeply with Spirit and to understand our own inner selves and our intuitive nature on that deep spiritual level.  And now, with this new awareness, you can take this emerging compassionate and intuitive Cancerian North Node energy and combine it with the psychic awareness of Pisces, and really start to rely 100% on your intuition to guide you and lead you through your soul’s journey.

Go with what “feels” right to you, and rather than judging another soul for what they do or do not do, show compassion to them for what they believe in and in doing this you step out of the Capricorn need to control and to restrict, and you open yourself and the world up to all that can be and all that can be changed through love and acceptance of all that there is.  Blessings xox