6 September 2017
Mercury the planet of communication and mischief is now in Direct motion and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that what we choose to move forward with, can go through without disruption.  If you have spent your time during his Retrograde period doing your research and doing your homework, then you should now feel equipped to step forward.  As I have mentioned before Mercury was in Retrograde for the recent powerful Solar Eclipse in Leo, and so much of what was stimulated then is ready to come into play for us all now.  So be very aware that the decisions you make now and over the next week or so, will have that Eclipse energy about them making them unchangeable and set in stone.  As we move into the final 4 months of this No. 1 year, our new beginnings and the new chapters in our lives are starting to emerge and the doorways to the next step along our soul journeys are starting to open.
Today we have a Full Moon in Pisces which, depending on where the Piscean energy sits in your Natal Chart, can either hinder or help your journey forward.  For those with strong Piscean energy in their Charts, and in particular if your Ascendant is sitting in Pisces, this Full Moon can bring up huge feelings of disillusion, disenchantment and disappointment with where you are in life and where you are going.  This is also being felt strongly due to the Neptune/Sun opposition also in play at this time.  We are being shown areas in our lives where we have been remiss, or where we have not truly looked at the reality of the situation, preferring instead to bury our heads in the sand or look at it all through rose-coloured glasses.
All I can say to any of you out there feeling this confusing energy, is that “this too shall pass”.   So, rather than buy into feeling sorry for yourself and lost on your path, I would encourage you to be honest with yourself and to be aware of your faults and inadequacies – they are merely another mountain to climb and you know you’ve got some hiking boots packed away there somewhere 😉
I would also like to remind you of the fact that we co-create with the Universe.  This means that if you want something out of life, you cannot just sit back and wait for it to come to you.  You must take a step forward so as the Universe can respond in kind.
So use this time not to beat yourself up or feel like you are failing in life, but rather to look to where you can take better care of yourself, of your journey and of your dreams by being practical, efficient and honest in every way.  And don’t forget also that everyone who is in your life you have chosen to put there to teach you and to help you along your soul’s journey – so don’t be too proud or too ashamed to reach out for help from those whom you know can help you to believe in yourself, and your journey, once again.
You’ve got this – even if you can’t feel it right now – I assure you YOU HAVE GOT THIS!!  Full Moon blessings to you all xox