Blog Post 9 September 2018
We have a New Moon in Virgo on Sunday/Monday carrying the theme of making use of what we know best and what we already possess within ourselves – our wisdom and our perfection. Virgo energy is highly resourceful and happily uses details and structure to best serve itself and others. We can use this New Moon energy to cleanse and clear ourselves of those details and of the bits and pieces in our lives that hold us back from our success, and that may damage our purpose. In doing this we make room for the more positive details and structures that allow us to create confident new beginnings. As the Moon represents our emotions and Virgo energy can be highly critical and full of self-judgement we must guard against allowing ourselves to wallow and get stuck in negative feelings. Just as we learn all about success in life through our failures, we also learn all about our own perfection through our imperfection. We have to know one to achieve and celebrate the other – right?
Virgo energy is very efficient and controlled and it loves to serve. Therefore, at this New Moon use this energy to best serve yourself and your highest good. Dance to your own drumbeat by being in service to what makes you feel good and what makes you feel like you can and are making a difference in this world. Don’t seek to serve others on their terms, rather seek to serve others through your own talents and your own integrity or you may find yourself feeling like you are failing in what you strive to achieve. We cannot change another soul, and we are not here to serve in a way that suits the will of others. We have our own paths, and our own talents, and only through the loving use of these can we best follow our own soul’s journey and be at peace with all that we do.
Virgo energy is an incredibly healing energy. This sign of the zodiac understands intrinsically that we are all wounded in some way and that only through discovering and healing that wound can we be complete and “perfect” to ourselves. It’s about honouring the inner you, and that wound, for what these things have taught you, rather than how they have made you feel.
Neptune in Pisces is opposing this New Moon. So, the planet of illusion is reflecting back at the perfection-seeking Virgo Moon. We can use this energy to add to our confusion or to bust through the illusions we have created regarding our own power and our own perfection. We can use the power of creativity and intuition to lift ourselves out of self-defeating patterns and beliefs, so as we can deliberately and steadfastly work towards our dreams and goals. The New Moon energy of new beginnings can be used to practically find ways to achieve what we wish too in life. We can get to see the gifts, talents and inner purposes we possess in life and put them to work.
Dreaming big and working hard is the ultimate combination for success.
So, use this Virgo New Moon to set your intention for your month ahead. Don’t allow self-doubts and insecurities to stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Use what you know and what works best for you and most importantly do not judge yourself or berate yourself. You are spirit having a human experience and getting it wrong is as important as getting it right. It’s all learning, and you are doing GREAT. You are now and always will be “perfection” in the eyes of Spirit and those who love you. New Moon blessings to you all xox