Blog Post 8 November 2018

Today we have a New Moon in Scorpio.  New Moons represent new beginnings and are the perfect time every month for you to set your intentions for what you would like to achieve or master within the next 28 days.  This New Moon in Scorpio is particularly powerful as it’s the last move from the planets this year to go deep and clear out the debris of old emotions and old ways of being.  You have the opportunity to make a new start in your life feeling lighter and less restricted by secrets, fears and insecurities. The feelings of uncertainty and being somewhat lost in your own life are shifting and a more powerful and optimistic energy is emerging for us.

The power of this New Moon is being further amplified by the move of Jupiter out of the Scorpio energy he has been in since October 2017, and back into his home sign of Sagittarius where he will stay until December 2019.  Today really is THE day this year to leave all your baggage behind, to be open and honest with yourself and to let go of all judgements and opinions you have about yourself and the life that you have chosen to live to date.

It is time for a new direction and time to start thinking about moving between those pillars and doors of opportunity that are going to present themselves to us all with the 11.11.11 energy of new beginnings.  But most importantly it is time for us all to step up to be all that we can be and to understand that success in life only comes through diligently applying and positively believing in the talents and gifts you have within you.  Jupiter represents faith, abundance, growth and luck and so when he returns home to Sagittarius, the Universe and our lives once again become full of optimism and hope for the future.

Whilst Jupiter was in Scorpio much was revealed to the world that had been hidden, denied, covered up and swept under the carpet.  Many, many skeletons came out of many, many closets world-wide and now we are free of the past and free to be true to our inner and our outer selves.  Free to create a better version of ourselves.  Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius will feel like a breath of fresh air and inspiration.  The fire in our bellies is back after 13 months of going deep and doing it hard.  Now you have the opportunity to become the Master through what you have learned, experienced and understood about who you truly are – underneath it all!  Scorpio sent you deep down into your emotional and dark depths and all that was buried there came to the surface to be cleared and released.  Now with the space and awareness that is left behind, you can grow, expand, break out of your comfort zone and MASTER all that you can be at this time.  So, wherever Sagittarian energy sits in your Natal Chart is where you are set to grow and expand the most in your life over the next 14 months, – so don’t be scared to put yourself out there and take a chance on your gifts and talents as the more confidence you show in yourself the more opportunities the Universe will bring your way.

Also, be aware that with Jupiter in Sagittarius your need to control others may be enhanced.  You will want to have full charge and control over all that you commit yourself too.  The more you can channel this energy into your work and your own self-control, the more successful you will be.  However, if you choose to use this energy of control in your private life, don’t expect those around you to react favourably to you….

With Jupiter in Sagittarius every one of us will be looking for our freedom and independence to do our own thing, and none of us are going to want to be controlled or curtailed by anyone or anything.  You can use this next 13 months to grow and master whatever it is you do best.  Devote yourself to this and the results at the end of this next 13 month period will not only show this, but also show you standing taller, stronger and more empowered in your belief in yourself.  Now is the time to grow what you believe in and to work hard to achieve your goals and dreams so as you can be the Master you were destined to be.

Jupiter in Sagittarius says, “let the adventures begin”.  Jupiter is at home and therefore feeling free to be all that he can be and it is this wonderful expansive and adventurous energy that he wants to share with you so that you too can feel free, open and brave enough to believe in your talents and in all the parts of you that were revealed and released through Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio.

And, with so much more planetary activity to still come within this very busy month of November, this is just the beginning of opportunities for massive change, growth and awareness for us all as a planet, as well as for us all as individuals too.  Now we can start planning for all that we can be, achieve and grow into in 2019.  Be brave, be open and BE YOU!  Blessings xox