17  November 2017
On Sunday 19 November we have a New Moon in Scorpio.  New Moons represent new beginnings so they are the perfect time in any month to put out your intentions and goals for the coming month.  Sometimes New Moons are supported by other planets sitting in the same astrological sign, and sometimes these Moons just have their own agenda.  This New Moon has in its company the formidable line-up of the Sun, Venus and Jupiter to accompany it.  This makes for a lot of deep, intense, dark and powerful energy available to all of us to use to purge ourselves of toxic and limiting beliefs as well as to allow ourselves to embrace our own personal power.
Scorpio energy often gets a bit of a bad rap for the sting and ruthlessness it can possess – but if we were to look a little deeper into this energy we can also see that beneath this tough exterior is a soft, vulnerable, sensitive and creative energy that is often just too scared to reveal itself.  When we delve more deeply into our Scorpio energy (and we all have it somewhere in our Charts) we can free ourselves of old wounds and hurts that have allowed us to build walls around our inner world, and we can also see where and how we can use our personal power to get what we need, and to embrace our destinies.
During this New Moon period the Scorpio Moon is calling us to release our emotions and to do so with the confidence that by revealing this deeper side of ourselves we can come back to who we truly are.
The Scorpio Sun sitting here is asking us to focus primarily on our feelings and how they direct our use of personal power in our lives.  We can shine a bright and healing light on our wounds and from this perspective be able to see for ourselves where our emotions have an unhealthy control over us and where they are worthwhile.
Venus, the planet of love and beauty, sitting in Scorpio can very much bring up the “little princess” in all of us who does not wish to admit that she might be at fault.  Venus in Scorpio loves to play the victim and shirk responsibility – but how can you stand in your own true power if you play the victim?
And magnificent Jupiter in Scorpio for the next 12 months is doing the very important job of bringing ALL that is hidden to the surface to be healed and cleared, both on a global and personal level.
This powerful combination of planets sitting in the super sensitive energy of Scorpio is all about revelations and through these personal and global revelations we will all get to see how and where power is being abused and how many secrets have been hidden.  Although this could be a very turbulent time uncovering what is buried deep within, the freedom and healing that can come from such exposure can be life-changing.
So, at this New Moon make it your intention to be more open, more loving and more gentle and allow yourself to embrace the inner power and contentment that this will bring.  You are at your most powerful when you stand in your own loving energy, openly and honestly showing the true “you” to the world.  Do not allow what may be revealed to you to stop you from being the best you can possible be – before the calm must come the storm.  New Moon blessings to you all xox