Blog Post 5 March 2019

We have the first significant shifts of 2019 beginning over the next two days.  We start with our first Mercury Retrograde of 2019 – which sees Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Pisces to join the Sun and Neptune already sitting here. It is then joined in a matter of hours by a New Moon in Pisces.  And then just when we thought we were in for a dreamy, creative time along comes Uranus making his big shift into the grounding energy of Taurus where he will remain for the next 8 years.

As with Chiron dipping his toes into Aries late last year, but only fully committing to this energy last month, Uranus too has had a small taste of toe-dipping in Taurus last year, and then he also retrograded out, but is now back to fully commit to his path through Taurus.

Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected change and he also encourages us to be independent in our thinking and our actions.  He is the maverick of the cosmos and his energy is designed to keep us on our toes, so we don’t slip too far into complacency and acceptance.  During his 8-year transit through Aries he was bringing fire, courage and passion to our independent needs, pushing us to step out of our comfort zones and step up to the task at hand.  In this manner he invited us all to be the leaders or our own destinies and our own life paths and we gladly jumped on board to spread our wings and embrace our power.  However, while he was in Aries it was all about the chase, all about the win and all about your personal drive and personal accomplishments.  Now that he enters Taurus it is time to walk the walk and talk the talk.  Taurean energy demands that you turn up and face up.  What you have begun and declared as being your new direction or your way forward, now needs to be actioned by you in the most methodical, practical and sustainable way possible.  It’s all very well to have ideas, pursuits and goals, but if you are not prepared to do the hard yards to put them into action, then they are nothing but abstract thoughts and ideas.  The sudden and unexpected energy of Uranus once he enters Taurus will be  more about finding unique and original ways to make your dreams a reality, and the curve balls that he so loves to throw at us to keep us on our toes, will be more in the form of wake-up calls and reminders of what steps we need to take next.

The challenge here for the next three weeks is that although Uranus in Taurus is saying it’s time to take action and start solidly building on your ideas and dreams, we are about to enter Mercury Retrograde in Pisces – a time of reflection, creativity, dreamtime and higher perspectives.  

Mercury joins the Sun and Neptune already in Pisces energy, and in doing so he compounds the need to go within and teaches us the importance of not only identifying our Higher Self and spiritual nature, but also to rely 100% on our intuition, or gut instinct.

When the New Moon also moves into Pisces, within the same 24-hour period that Mercury turns Retrograde and Uranus enters Taurus, the importance of our inner knowing, our higher guidance and our connection to Spirit becomes paramount.  Over the next three weeks this energy is what we need to focus upon.  We are just entering the 3rd Month of 2019, the number 3 year, where we merge body, mind and spirit as one.  So, that blending and merging of the “3” energy is at its peak during the month of March.

With this New Moon in Pisces we set the intention within ourselves and to the Universe that we are one with creation.  We align ourselves with our spiritual nature and tap into that reservoir of inner knowing and guidance that will never set us on the wrong path.  We use  our creative nature and our intuitive energy to see ourselves and our journeys from a different and  higher perspective and we are given the opportunity to see where and what we need to let go of, as well as where we can grow and evolve.

This powerful Piscean energy is being supported by the deeply grounding energy of Saturn in Capricorn.  This means that during the Mercury Retrograde period of 6 – 28 March 2019, our spiritual endeavours, practices and beliefs are being given the opportunity to grow and become the most valuable tools that we possess.  

The first two months of 2019 have been HUGE.  They have been volatile, confrontational, confusing and erratic to say the least, and now we get our much-needed quiet time.  We get to make peace with what has gone before, and to allow ourselves to rise above the toxicity and negativity of the earth plane, and to also rise above those who choose to embrace and promote this way of being.  Remember under Uranus in Taurus those very people and situations out there that blustered and blew, will not have the ability to sustain themselves unless they too can step into the higher energies.

So, use this time to meditate, to explore your creativity and to be in nature, as all of these things connect you more strongly to the true spiritual energy of your soul, and from here only beauty, understanding and compassion can emerge. 

Use Mercury Retrograde in Pisces to go within and gently, creatively and lovingly explore your emotions and how you can use these to bring more joy and peace into your soul’s journey and how these tools can also be brought into being in every aspect of your outer life too.  You can also use this higher energy to find forgiveness and understanding for those around you who may have caused you pain or upheaval during these last challenging months.

Use the Piscean New Moon to set your goals and intentions for the month ahead and make these intentions full of all that you can do for the highest good of all concerned – and all that you can do to depend and rely without any doubt – on your own intuition and what you feel and know to be true.

Use Uranus’s shift into Taurus to solidly build on what you have begun before, and to do so with the full support of your inner guidance, your Higher Self and the Universe.  The 2019 number 3 energy mirrors and expands upon this for us all.  Blessings xox