Blog Post 15 June 2018
On 19 June, the planet of illusion, deception, imagination and spirituality moves into Retrograde motion in Pisces.  Neptune has been sitting at home in Pisces since 2011 and will not be leaving this sign until 2025.  So, not only are we all getting quite used to this energy, but we have several years left to truly integrate and make the best use of this powerful transit, as it will not come again in our lifetimes.
The outer planets move much more slowly than the inner planets, and therefore their transits through the signs of the zodiac are both generational – they affect the entire generation of souls born during this transit – and, they also have a deep and prolonged influence over us all as we go about our daily lives during this time.  Neptune in Pisces is all about our dreams and the illusions we live under, tell ourselves and have been led to believe.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune and this is why he is so at home here – he encourages us to dream big to believe in our imaginations and what we feel to be true, and he encourages us to connect more deeply with our Higher Selves and with our spiritual side.  However, while he is in Direct motion his energy influences us to not want to deal with reality and to not go too deep within ourselves for fear of what we may find.  Neptune loves the world of fantasy, imagination and day-dreaming and for so long as we are continually under this energy, it can be very difficult for us to see the reality of the situations we are in, and to find the purpose and focus to change things.  He inspires us to think big and to dream and imagine a new world and a new way, but we can become so busy dreaming about it that we forget, or can’t find the power, to act on it.
Every year for around 5 months Neptune will turn into Retrograde motion to allow us to wake up from our dreams and to not only come face to face with our reality and our truth, but to also then take action on this.
This transit of Neptune in Retrograde motion in Pisces will be a challenging one, especially if you have to date been burying your head in the sand and refusing to see the reality of your situation.  You may find that suddenly what you had been kidding yourself about (and if you are honest with yourself you will have seen the signs…) is now not only glaringly obvious to you but it is slapping you right in the face so as you have no choice but to shatter those illusions and face the truth.  This is a time where you can still use the imagination and creativity of Neptune to dream and plan, but you will find that you now have no choice but to act or, at the very least, change your perception on an aspect of your life that you have seen until now, through a dreamy multi-coloured lens.
So, depending on how much you like to pretend to yourself, deny the facts and hide in la-la land, you could experience a time of feeling very lost and very confused as what was your happy illusion may now be shown for the dis-illusion it truly is.  This is not all doom and gloom though as so many of us also hide behind the illusion that we are not good enough, clever enough or talented enough to do what we want with our lives and to achieve those beautiful dreams we have put out of our reach.  During this Retrograde you can not only uncover your gifts and talents you can also find the best way to start to make them a reality and an integral part of your future.
Its all about being honest with yourself and accepting and loving yourself for all your perceived failings and shortcomings.  We all have them, they are what make us who we are, but the challenge is to move past them and not allow them to trap you in a space of inactivity and pretence.
Whatever is presented to you during this powerful Retrograde will undoubtedly be for your highest good no matter how difficult or scary it may feel.  This world cannot change while we all live under the illusion that someone else is going to fix it for us, or that we are not the ones capable of taking responsibility.  Saturn and Pluto are still lording over us in that grounding “take no prisoners” Capricorn energy. Therefore, this is, in fact, an auspicious and perfect time to shatter all the illusions you have about yourself and your goals in life, and make them into the realities they need to be for you to take action and to BE the change that your soul needs and that the entire earth plane is waiting for.  Blessings xox