Star-Wise Blog
22 November 2017
The planet of illusion, creativity, imagination, deception and spirituality is now in stationery motion getting ready to turn Direct in Pisces.  For the last approximately 5-6 months this powerful outer planet has been in Retrograde motion which has meant a deep dive into the illusions of the earth plane, on a personal and of course global level.  During this Retrograde period you have come face to face with the illusions you hold about yourself, your abilities, those who share your life and the world that we live in. When we can come face to face with this often irrational and deceptive part of our inner selves, we are given the chance to discover much about ourselves; how we operate, where we put our energy and most importantly how we feel about ourselves on that deep level.  As such things are revealed to us, we can go through a very emotional and confronting time, as for most of us, there is a reason such things are brewing there inside of us, and buried from view.
The beauty of Neptune is its creative energy and its strong connection to fantasy and all that is desirable and beautiful in life.  The challenge of Neptune is that when we can’t have or live that beautiful charmed life, we often choose escapism as a way out of it.  So what is an illusion soon becomes a disillusion as we find ways to mend ourselves and heal the wounds that have been created within us by our own fears of not living up to the standards set by Society or family, or the standards we set for ourselves.
As he moves into Direct motion we are being given the encouragement to take all that was revealed to us during this Retrograde period, and do something about it or with it.  Its WAKE UP time.  Whilst Neptune is in Direct motion we are less susceptible to our emotions and the control they have over us and therefore we have less confusion in our lives.  Instead of living in a world of illusion believing that one day your Fairy Godmother will turn up and wave her magic wand and make it all perfect, you can see through all of this to the deeper understanding that your life is your responsibility and any Fairy Godmother that comes your way will only come from within you.  You are the magic you have been waiting for, you just needed to wake up.
As we see through our own illusions this energy will also enable us to see through the illusions created by Governments, Societies, Corporations and the Movie World.  It will be less easy for you to be lied too and for the wool to be pulled over your eyes – things will be seen for what they truly are with all illusions shattered so the reality and truth can shine through.
When Neptune turns Direct in Pisces he will form a beautiful trine with Jupiter in Scorpio allowing us to go deeper still and for much to be revealed on every level.  With this shift will come an increase in our creativity and an awareness of what talents we have been denying or have been disillusioned with.  And as we become more aware and comfortable with these deeper parts of ourselves, we can truly start to see and understand our life purpose during this incarnation.  The more spiritual and metaphysical understanding you can gain during this Direct period (November 2017 – June 2018) the more you can see and act upon the “real” reasons you are here and how all that you experience in life is about learning and evolving rather than suffering and remaining stagnant.
Later next month when Saturn moves to join Pluto in Capricorn energy we will find the 3 major outer planets working in harmony with one another – the transformation; the dedication and the creativity all supporting one another and supporting us to do what is best and for the highest good of ALL concerned.  This is powerful assistance for sustainable structuring.
We are in the midst of massive shifts and changes on the earth plane and never has there been a more important time for love, compassion and empathy for ourselves and for one another to be our greatest vehicle for navigating these changes.  Blessings xox