12 September 2017
It is said that the energies created by the annual Eclipses stretch out and affect us for up to 6 months after the actual event – and I feel that due to the power and intensity of last month’s Solar Eclipse in particular, that this energy is going to continue on for much of this time.  We are being asked to wake up and to Be who we said we would be, and to Be the difference the world needs to see and feel.
We are here on the earth plane to learn, and as with any learning we do in our lifetimes there will be tests and there will be events that although difficult, are designed to strengthen us so as we can be and do all that we are capable of.
Although these times may feel challenging, distressing and confusing in many ways, you do have a special key you can use to manage all of this and rise above it.  That key is your “true purpose” in life, and this key is completely aligned with your Higher or God Self.
The best thing you can do to assist yourself through this transitional time, is to be completely honest with yourself.  If you are struggling to make sense of what is going on in your life, or if you are feeling disillusioned with your “lot”, or if you just feel like you can’t make any headway – it is because you are allowing external factors to be the basis for your progress and the measure of your success, and in doing so you are overlooking or denying your true purpose.  This energy is being created not just by the Eclipses, but by the strong illusionary energy of Neptune that is opposing the perfectionistic energy of Virgo.  So, one part of you is looking for every excuse it can find to run away, or blame everyone and everything around you, while another part is saying “your are nowhere near perfect so why even bother?”  And so it can feel like whatever you try to do is hopeless.  Deep within you however, you know that your Higher Self and inner sense of purpose are right, but still you allow the fear of failing, of being judged, and of not living up to the standards set by those around you, to have power over you.
So, sit back and take a moment to connect with your true purpose – that part of you that makes your soul sing.  And then honestly ask yourself what is stopping you?  Your Ego Self will then present you with a myriad of external reasons why you are stuck or confused, and those reasons will all relate to the outer parts of your world such as; fear of being judged, fear of not doing what is expected of you, fear of not being good enough, fear of failing, fear, fear, and more fear.
Now, peel back the layers that you have allowed to block out your true purpose so as you can come back to that part of you that makes your soul sing.  With Saturn now in Direct motion, the more focus and intent you can give to your true purpose in life, the more support you will be given.  Until Saturn moves into Capricorn in late December this year, our job is to master ourselves, our true purpose and what we do best, and not to allow ourselves to be caught up in what is going on around us or in the fear that the external world can create.
We are all souls having a human experience and all that we go through is to teach us and help us – so be kind to yourself, honour yourself and most of all be honest with yourself and allow your true purpose to shine.  Blessings xox