Blog Post 24 July 2018
Yes, folks, it’s that time again!!
And for many of you I am sure you are already feeling the effects of the shadow phase of this Retrograde period?  The official Mercury Retrograde period begins on 27 July and finishes on 18 August (NZ time) but for around two weeks before this and two weeks after this we are in the shadow phase which can be as disruptive and mischievous as the actual Retrograde period.
Firstly, its time for you to back-up your computers and put all major purchases (especially electronic ones) off until afterwards.  And I would also advise against making any major travel plans or signing any important agreements or documents.  The planet Mercury rules communication and travel, and so when he decides to go backwards for three weeks or so, so too can any plans we make in these areas of our lives at this time.
The main consensus on Mercury Retrograde is that it’s an annoying and disruptive time that we can just do without in our lives.  However, in actual fact, it’s a wonderfully powerful and important time for us to actually check in with ourselves and get some stuff done.  We cannot go through life constantly doing and being all about taking action.  If we remain in that mode all the time, we run the risk of doing everything from our headspace and on demand, rather than from our heart space and in good time.  Some of the most important decisions we make and experiences that we have to go through require time, thought, investigation, research and assessment.  And so, three times a year we get around three weeks to immerse ourselves in this energy.  We get to re-visit and look into where we are going and what we need to have on board for the journey and to spend that time ticking all those boxes that we have maybe ignored or not gotten around too.  And we also get to make sure all our “t’s” are crossed and all our “i’s” dotted so as when Mercury goes Direct once again, we are completely and fully equipped, educated, prepared and ready to move forward and put our dreams and plans into action.
This Mercury Retrograde period will occur solely in Leo energy.  Leo energy is all about passion, expression, creativity, leadership and ME.  And during this Retrograde period, it will be the latter “ME” that we will all have to look out for.  Wherever Leo energy sits in your Natal Chart is where you need and crave appreciation, glory and kudos for all that you do.  And when the planet of communication retrogrades through this area of your life, it will want to be heard and seen for what it brings to the table.  Due to the fact that we have Mars nearly opposite to Mercury at this time, we won’t feel content with just knowing that we are of value, or having to just accept that we are worthwhile, we will want to hear that shouted from the rooftops and we will want to see it in the responses and attitudes of all who are around us.  So, as you can see this Retrograde period is not going to be an easy one for our Ego selves, as our need to express ourselves and be recognised is going to feel like it has been locked in a dark room with no-one to talk too, and we may not react well to this.
The best thing to do over the next few weeks is to try to focus on and find as much peace in your life as you possibly can.  Take your time with all that you are doing and encourage your body to rest and go at a slower pace so that not only will your actions be more thought out and careful, your body can also respond physically to this by relaxing your stress levels and any tension you may be carrying.  Spend time in meditation every day and have massages to help you to relax physically as well as mentally.
With Uranus also throwing his curve balls at this Retrograde period, it is important that you expect the unexpected and go with this rather than fighting against it.  Your Leo energy may well be demanding action and that things be done, but the more you allow it the freedom to do so the more likely you are to become angry, frustrated and annoyed when things don’t evolve and eventuate the way you want them too.  As this Retrograde period is occurring at the same time as this century’s most powerful Lunar Eclipse, there was always going to be a lot of change and challenge in the Universe at this time, and so the more you can sit back and allow the journey to move you, rather than you taking the driver’s seat, the less stress and more productivity you will be responsible for in your life.
So, give yourself a break and take a holiday from your busyness over Mercury Retrograde. Use this essential time to make peace with your projects and to be at peace with yourself.  Even if you are in a situation where you have to keep going and have to make things happen, do so as much as you can at your own pace, as this way you can at least be sure that you have not missed anything.  Don’t be frustrated and annoyed with what happens, rather see any delays as ways in which you can learn more.  Use this time to do the work that needs to be done behind the scenes, and this way when its time to move forward again, you will have a strong and grounded position to create from.  Blessings xox