Blog Post 20 June 2018
On 27 June Mars the planet of drive, war, determination, anger and passion will move into Retrograde motion in Aquarius.  Mars will begin his Retrograde cycle in Aquarius which will spark within us all an undeniable need to release suddenly and perhaps explosively, old anger, fears and feelings of being repressed and caged in.  No matter who you are or what is going on in your life, this Retrograde will affect you as what it energetically means is that Mars is at the closest he has been to the earth plane in a very long time, and therefore there is no escaping the impact of his energy.  This is a very unusual Retrograde cycle that does not occur as regularly as other planetary Retrogrades, and for this reason as well, it is very important that we are aware of its impact, and how it will affect us as individuals and on a global level.
The first approximately 2.5 months of Mars’s Retrograde will be in the rebellious and humanitarian energy of Aquarius.  Therefore, what we can expect, as individuals, is for any feelings of being repressed or devalued in any way within our lifetimes to come to the surface and these are more than likely to present themselves as angry outbursts or explosions.  Suddenly every experience and/or person who may have made you feel less than adequate, or have held you back in some way, will come to the surface and be presented to you, so as you can clear this energy and rid yourself of limiting emotions that control how deeply you can feel and forgive.  What is extremely important for you to remember, no matter what comes up for you, is that all that has occurred in your life to date was for you to learn from and NOT for you to suffer from.  As I have said time and time again, we do not learn through life’s wonderful blissful experiences, we learn the most through being trashed, put down, repressed and made to feel less than perfect, and through all of this, we build our strength and our empowerment to be all that we can be.
This Retrograde is asking you to be true to YOU – as YOU are now and should always be – your own number one priority in life.  What comes up for you is doing so because it has been holding you back and limiting you for too long, and so the planets conspire at this time to allow these constricting and debilitating memories and fears to come up so as you can find the treasure (in the form of peace) buried beneath.  Many angry words may be spoken by us all at this time, and therefore it is imperative that we listen to the hurt behind the words and understand where it is coming from within ourselves and from those around us, so as the truth can be found through freedom of expression. Turn your anger into passion and your fears into motivation so as you can be all that know deep inside of yourself that you can be, and do not allow anything that comes up for you to inhibit or control you any longer.  This is the strength of Aquarius.  Aquarian energy knows at the seat of it all that we are all here to be who we truly are, and not to be controlled or dictated to by others or by our own fears.  Aquarian energy is here to change the world, but before we can embrace change we must clear the slate and set our intentions for the highest good of ourselves and humanity in general.
Whilst Mars is in Retrograde motion in July we will also experience our second eclipse season of the year which is all about endings and beginnings. So, decisions and choices made during this phase will be pivotal to our personal life paths as well as to how the earth plane is going to move forward to abolish and reform the way we treat one another and this beautiful planet we live on.  I will cover this more extensively closer to that time.
On 14 August Mars will move into Capricorn, still in Retrograde motion.  This will then give us the opportunity to constructively understand and make use of what has come up for us so as we can build strong foundations to create our new selves from.  Capricorn energy will give us the rules, constraints and systems to start from, and what we put in place under this influence is meant to be built to last.  It won’t exactly be the calm after the storm, but what it will be is the sense out of the confusion.
From a global perspective this Mars Retrograde period, combined with Neptune, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter also in Retrograde, will stir things up considerably with the intention being that through our own internal upheaval and awareness we will start to see how this reflects out into the very unbalanced and unjust the world we live in.  And we will then find and utilise the passion and purpose that is needed to change such things.
Mars is a formidable planet, he takes no prisoners and makes no excuses for what he impulsively and passionately shows us, and as challenging as this Retrograde may be, it is incredibly necessary at this time where human rights and personal rights have taken a back seat to the mighty dollar and progress at the sake of suffering.  So, use this energy to release your anger and replace this with determination and plans to be all that you can be, and to do your bit to BE the change the world needs to see.  Never forget that you have chosen to be here on the earth plane at this time to play your role and you are loved and appreciated for all that you do.  Blessings xox