Blog Post 23 August 2018
The effect of Mars in Retrograde in Aquarius has been an intense one, but a wholly necessary one.  It brought out the rebel in us all, and it also highlighted humanity and our struggles with one another on the earth plane.  This transit heightened our awareness of the bigotry, injustice and inequality in this world, and who and what is responsible for this.  It was an intense and powerful time, where we all struggled with our inner demons, as well as the outer demons mentioned above.
Now that Mars has left Aquarius and retrograded back into Capricorn to join Saturn and Pluto, both already sitting there and also in Retrograde motion, things are starting to happen.  The call has gone out externally and internally for us to be held responsible for our own actions and for those who hold the power in this world, and who abuse this, to also be held responsible.  Capricorn energy does not tolerate behaviour that is unsustainable.  Saturn does not tolerate lack of responsibility, and Pluto does not tolerate lack of accountability for our inner transformation, or for the transformation of the earth plane.
So, relationships are being put to the test, as without accountability for your actions or the actions of those who are here to lead, protect and take care of the world, we have no balanced structure and therefore no even playing field or concrete foundation to build and grow from.  For too long people in power have been content to ignore and cover up the truth and to create a truth that best suits their intentions and goals and this is the very thing that the big boys – Saturn and Pluto – will not tolerate.  And when fiery Mars is added to the mix, things WILL and are starting to happen.
No-one is above the laws of the Universe and although we all to some degree have gotten away with bad behaviour and lack of responsibly in the past, as the planets realign in the next step of their cosmic dance, massive change is coming and it must be the change that can bring back the peace, equality and love that is the basis of Mother Earth (heart).
Be true to yourself, and do not ever be afraid to speak up and step up for the highest good of all concerned.  For too long too many have allowed the earth plane, and all of us who live here, to put up with and accept what we all know in our hearts to be wrong and unjust.  Saturn is opposing Neptune, the structure versus the dream.  Oppositions cause tension so as we can use the best of both worlds and discard the worst of the same.  This will also bring up a lot of fear within us, and we may feel challenged by the simplest things and this is because even the simplest things, that we have accepted as being the norm, need to change.  Rely only on what feels true to you and do not dance to another’s drum beat.  Even though it may feel like you are standing alone with no support or guidance, you are not.  We are all feeling it and the Universe is supporting us unconditionally through all of this.  We all know that change must come, and come soon, and so we must dance this dance and do so with love, faith and belief in ourselves and in the planet we live on.  It is time to stop putting our faith and reliance on others when at the end of the day YOU are the only one who has the power to be the change that we need to see.
Finding places and spaces of peace will be of great help and comfort at this time, as will good deeds towards others and yourself.  All is happening in divine timing – as above so below – and we are all here to play our parts in this change.  Blessings xox