Blog Post 16 November 2018

Over the next couple of days, four of our major celestial bodies are on the move.

Mars moves out of Aquarius where he has been activating our inner rebel and encouraging us to question and challenge all that we are feeling and thinking.  This has been a long transit for Mars and during that time A LOT has been stirred up both globally and in our personal lives, to make us aware of our own power and of how others use and misuse theirs. This was a powerful transit that also opened our eyes to the plight of humanity and of our environment and the importance of all of us standing up to BE the change that needs to happen.  Now as Mars moves into the more gentle energy of Pisces, our focus will move even further towards humanity and the needs of others, over and above what we wish for ourselves.  Mars represents our motivation, passion and determination, and when he swings into Pisces it is very easy for us to see and feel for the plights of others and for what is kind, just and gentle.  This transit will encourage us as a planet and as individuals to look to what we can do to help and care for others over and above our own material needs.

And as Venus moves Direct in Libra all that hard work and weighing up of our relationships can start to turn into action.  Venus the planet of love and beauty moves forward tomorrow in Libra encouraging us to take positive and balanced action when it comes to our relationships, and in particular, there is support and love being given to us to increase our self-love and self-worth.  We have had many weeks to evaluate how we feel about ourselves and those around us, and now we can take action on what we have learned.  With Mars fuelling our desires to be better people and to care and act more caringly towards the world around us, we are being given our top priorities.  We are here to love ourselves first and foremost and from this position of strength and empowerment, we are also then able to give love, encouragement and support to those who mean the most to us, and also to those who NEED the most from us.

Mercury Retrograde is always a challenge and when he moves into Retrograde in Sagittarius it can be a bit like putting the brakes on a fast-moving car.  Sagittarian energy needs movement, it needs control and it needs variety, and so the upshot of this Mercury Retrograde will create a “push me pull me” energy where we will very much feel like pushing forward and getting things done, but as we know while under this influence making major decisions and pushing forward with our own goals and needs is usually not productive.  Use the passion, pull and force of this fire energy to visit your soul and understand what truly puts the fire in your belly.  Now is the time to explore what it is you wish to master on your life path next and to spend the next three weeks not only understanding that, but working on it and finetuning it, so as when Mercury turns Direct again in early December, you will not only know what your next step is going to be, but you will know what you can plan for and work towards in 2019.  Sagittarian energy allows you to be the best you can possibly be – so focus on what you are good at, don’t spread yourself too thin, and use your mastership to hone your skills and focus your arrow.

And the North Node moves into Cancer, realigning our destines and focus towards compassion, empathy, creativity and understanding.  The North Node has been in Leo since April 2017 nudging and encouraging us all towards freedom of expression, natural leadership and the courage to stick up for what we represent and believe in.  Much has been seen globally during this transit with people speaking up and demanding to be heard – especially the younger generation.  We are being asked globally to evolve and to allow our younger people, those who are here to change the world, to have their say, to be listened too and to be respected and admired for their courage, passion and innovation.  Many of our new leaders were identified during the North Node’s transit through Leo, and now it is time for us to nurture, support and provide a platform for these souls to grow and mature into their positions.  This move into the mothering yet controlling energy of Cancer means that Mars in Pisces has incredible support for the big picture and where things are heading, and Venus in Libra brings all the tools we have learned to be in harmony and balance with one another to the table.  So, as we can move into the final weeks of 2018, we have our final opportunity to learn the lessons of the Year of the Sacred Relationship.  Use this time to honour yourself, to respect those around you and to listen to your soul as it directs you towards all that awaits you in 2019.  Blessings xox