Star- Wise Blog Post 15 May 2018
On 17 May 2018 the planet of passion, action and determination, Mars, enters the rebellious and independent energy of Aquarius.  This move coming less than 24 hours after Uranus moves into Taurus will be another game changer both globally and personally.
Just to set the current stage for you; we have Uranus about to move into Taurus – bringing sudden and unexpected changes and curveballs to do with Mother Earth and the monetary systems and politics that dominate here.  And we have Saturn in Capricorn – completely in charge of everything that is going on and acting as a backstop or base for us to create sustainable change from.  Then we add Mars in Aquarius to this and the fight for freedom and the revolution begins.
For too long the earth plane has been trapped in and by systems and powers that are not working in the highest interests of all concerned.  These systems have long since passed their “use by date” and the planetary influences we are experiencing are going to bring a rush and revolt against such systems.  We are being awakened to our right for freedom and equality.  It is the work of these transiting planets to open us up to new opportunities we have not seen or accepted before, and to embrace this we must let go of the past to create a new future.   No matter who you are or what you do, your world is set to be rattled in some way over the next couple of weeks, but you do not have to be afraid of this. It is necessary change that must happen.
What is of particular importance to us all at this time, is the awareness and innovation of forward thinking.  We will be presented with many more unique and new ideas to help us to find solutions to pollution and environmental damage on the earth plane and with Mars in play, ACTION is inevitable.  For the last 8 years, we have been given many brilliant ideas for cleaning up our planet, but not a lot has been done about them on a big enough scale to truly make a difference.
We will also see shake-ups and upheavals in our political and monetary systems and once again ACTION will follow here too.  Now that Mars is in play, there is no doubt that these ideas can turn into our reality and we must allow ourselves to flow with this, no matter how much change it brings, as it is the only sustainable way forward.
While Mars is in Aquarius we could be bombarded on a personal and global level with these new ideas, opportunities and changes, and depending on how passionately we feel about such things, we will want to take action as soon as possible.  But we are being asked to look before we leap.  A brilliant idea can only have a brilliant outcome if it is set up and executed with structure, sound planning and attention to detail.  So, if an opportunity or idea comes to you, and it feels right to you, go with it but do so with careful planning so as your dream can grow into your concrete reality and be all that you wish it to be.
The old ways are on their way out, and we need to embrace the new in the knowledge that if we don’t move with the times our lives will never change, and we will be left to stagnate in antiquated systems, devoid of passion and hope for the future.  Time and time again we are seeing all around us how the old patriarchal ways just do not serve us, and the more we fight to be free of these, the more hope and passion we create for our futures.
This is a time where the younger generation, in particular, are going to be seen and heard for all that they have to offer.  Positions of power are now and will continue to be, taken over by the younger generation and it is these souls that are here to represent us all as we shed the old to bring in the new.  No matter how supported or “safe” you have felt to date within these old and patriarchal systems it is just an illusion and a lie and therefore the Universe will do everything in its power to assist us to change this. It is only through the eyes and actions of the souls born over the last around 30 years that we can begin to get rid of the division between race, colour and/or gender.
May was always destined to be a BIG month for change but by mid-June much will have settled down and significant changes will be upon us.  So, hold that light of hope in your hearts, be at peace and be pro-active in making your contribution to a new and peaceful world.  You are here for a reason and now is your time to shine.  Blessings xox