Blog Post 26 July 2018
In New Zealand, this powerful Lunar Eclipse will occur just after dawn on 28 July so unfortunately, we may not get to see this event here, but no matter where you are and whether it is visible to you or not, the energy of this formidable eclipse will affect you.  For those of you in areas of the world who will see this eclipse you can expect to see not only the Full Blood Moon being eclipsed, but also with the red planet Mars being so close to earth at this time, it could look like two red planets in the night sky.
As this particular Lunar Eclipse is going to be very strongly aspected by both the North Node and the planet Mars it will be about revelations and emotions.  There is no doubt that the energy of this Eclipse (which will be at its most powerful between 27 July and 11 August 2018) will bring out the rebel in you and the need to react to what you are feeling or to what is being presented to you at this time.  Whatever is brought up for you is a test for you in how you can use your own free will for the highest good rather than to settle a score or win a battle.  If you find yourself feeling angry or frustrated in some way, you need to use this energy constructively rather than just throwing it at someone else in your effort to rid yourself of it.  Channel this energy into something sporty or physical, or if that is not your thing, then it can be channelled into something creative that can use up this energy and leave you feeling sated and thankful for what it results in.  It is too easy when we are confronted with such feelings to want to blame others, but true power comes through taking responsibility yourself for what occurs in your life, rather than running from it or blaming it on someone else.
(It is important to remember at this time that the earth plane and all those who reside on her are undergoing massive cleansing and clearing – which is the main purpose of all the planets in retrograde motion at this time.  As we go through this cleansing process massive amounts of fear are rising and being released from all of us, and from Mother Earth herself, and we must allow this process to unfold for the highest good of all concerned).
This Lunar Eclipse will be affected very strongly by the North Node which is basically our free will and destiny in this lifetime.  The North Node is always found directly opposite the South Node which dictates our past life lessons, and so it will compound within all of us the oppositions we feel between what we have done and been before, and what we are here to do and be in this lifetime.  Therefore, the primary purpose of this Eclipse is to identify to us what it is that holds us back, and is the deep and possibly karmic reason for us not to be able to be who we truly wish to be, and to achieve our greatest dreams.  What is revealed to you at this time could well be something you are very aware of, such as an aversion to taking leadership or stepping up, as your soul is being reminded through your South Node placement of other lifetimes where you have failed as a leader or abused your power.  In this lifetime you have always been well aware of not wanting to have the spotlight on you, or of having to be responsible for the welfare of others, and you have probably accepted this as just being part of who you are.  With the North Node firmly placed opposite the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at this time, you will not only be made aware of your fears and limitations here, but the Universe can and will change these aspects of you, so as you can fully immerse yourself in this lifetime without the past life fears of what went before.
With the North Node in Leo at this time, what you feel at this time will need to be acknowledged and expressed by you, and you may feel that you deserve recognition and appreciation for making these changes within yourself and your life, and this is also a test within itself.  With the Moon in Aquarius, our emotions are in humanity mode – we are seeing and feeling what is the best for the highest good of all concerned rather than just for ourselves.  And with Mars sitting right next door in Retrograde motion, the inner rebel is just waiting for a chance to act on this.  The revelations, changes and epiphanies you may experience at this time are all about growing you as a soul and making you more aware of your life purpose and all that you have to offer on the earth plane.  They are not about you winning awards or receiving kudos because you have finally woken up.  Leo rules the Ego world, and so this light will intensely wish to shine.  We cannot stop this but what we can do is channel it in an appropriate and constructive direction.  So, if and when you become aware of your inner brick walls and feel the Eclipse energy dissolve these, look to how you can use this new awareness and newfound energy to change the world around you.  Stepping up for the greater good of humanity is the most powerful way that any of us can use this energy.  South Node lessons relate to karma and I believe that all of us who are here on the earth plane at this pivotal time of her development and ascension, have brought with us the karmic debt of her demise and the responsibility to change this energy so as the earth plane and all who live here can thrive in a peaceful place devoid of the injuries and pain we have all caused over our lifetimes here.
Eclipses give us the energy and opportunity to adjust our lives, by basically taking over that adjustment for us.  They bring about events, experiences, people and opportunities that have no choice but to change us and more often than not they reveal to us parts and areas of ourselves that we are either completely unaware can be changed, or where we have no idea how we can make the change.  With Mars alongside the Moon for this Eclipse, whatever changes come up you will feel compelled to act upon, and the more you can understand and accept the importance of what is revealed to you, the more use you can make of this energy.
So, expect your emotions to be strong at this time so as you can be assertive, motivated, passionate and determined about the changes in your life.  Do not allow the power of what you feel to punish others or to punish yourself.  It is a time of release, a time to let go and the Universe knows exactly what it is that is holding you back.  So, allow this to come up, don’t judge it – just accept it as a part of you that has no positive purpose any more – and use it to morph yourself out of your fear and into your brilliance.  BE the light that we all need to see – think before you act and step up to make a difference.  Blessings xox