10 October 2017
For the past 14 months the planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter, has been transiting through the astrological sign of Libra.  This transit has encouraged us all to look at and learn how to best balance out our lives in every way.  Although the energy of both Jupiter and Libra are light and easy-going, for many this has not been an easy transit as we still tend to cling on to what is out of balance in our lives, largely due to the familiarity of it and the fear of changing it.  In the last few weeks of this transit, and also thanks to the Direct turn of Pluto in Capricorn late last month, what is out of balance in our lives has been served to us on a plate, and moving forward we have the choice of whether to discard this imbalance, or try – once again – to reintegrate it into our lives.
As this need for balance has been brought to the forefront of our personal lives, all around us, in the outside world, much has been occurring that challenges the balance of all  things in every way.  And it is this imbalance that has been our greatest hurdle to work with and find a way to make peace with.  There is no doubt in my mind that the only way forward is for all of us to find our own inner balance and own inner peace, and from this space within ourselves, we create the foundation for the change that must now occur on the global stage.
Libra rules relationships as well as balance, and it is our relationship with ourselves that is the most important one in our lives, but also the one that we tend to neglect the most.  Look to how you treat yourself, what your internal dialogue with yourself is and work towards changing all or any negativity within this so as your relationship with yourself is one of love, acceptance and respect.  In this way all the other relationships you have, outside of yourself, can also grow and develop in this way.
When Jupiter enters Scorpio we will feel a significant change.  All this relationship and balance stuff has been hard work, and now the opportunities for new love, new horizons, new perspectives and a new more balanced inner you can take over.  During this transit you will be encouraged to go deep to discover more about yourself and this is meant to be a very empowering thing.  This transit will enable us all to understand and connect with our own inner King/Queen so as we can rule ourselves and our lives, from a position of personal power and desire.  A fire can be lit from within that can push us onward knowing what we want, and more importantly what we deserve for ourselves.
The biggest challenge with this transit, and in these times, is that while we look to serve our own power and our own soul journeys that we do not forget to comprehensively and purposefully focus also on what is for the highest good of ALL concerned.  For so long as humanity continues to line its own pockets, to serve its own interests and to disregard the oneness, nothing can change.  In claiming your personal power and taking charge or your life and all that that means to you, do so with unconditional love and compassion for all of humanity.  Seek those who are like-minded and merge your energy with theirs.  Have no fear of what is out there.  And most of all send love and light from your position of power to yourself, your neighbours, your community, your country and your world.
Wherever Scorpio energy sits in your Natal Chart is where you are set to grow, expand and find your power in life.  During this transit you may find talents and gifts that you never knew you possessed, and you may also find new awarenesses about yourself that can allow you to put the past to rest.  Whatever you find, use it wisely and allow what is buried here to see the light of day as it is the basis for your next 12 years of growth and development.  Blessings xox