Blog Post 25 October 2018

Today, I would like to share with you an excerpt from my new Book – “It’s All Your Fault – Your Life, Your Choice”

As a new soul on the earth plane, you are full of purity.  You are not born with any awareness of discrimination, bias or judgement. You are an open vessel that from an early age starts to fill up with all that is presented to you.  In fact, by around the age of three, a child has already established whether or not they feel safe, whether or not they are secure, and who they can rely on to take care of them and answer their needs.

We choose our lives before we are born; there are no accidents and no mistakes.  We choose what we need to learn as a soul evolving through its journey to enlightenment and everything we choose to learn is brought to us through the experiences we choose, the people we choose to teach us, and the many paths that we choose to walk to reach our destiny.  The one thing we have on the earth plane that is solely of our own making is “free will”.  This is the one thing that Spirit cannot interfere within our lives.  So, when I say that we choose our lives before we are born, I mean that we choose to go from A to Z.  However, to get from A – Z there are many different paths to choose from once we are here, and it is these many and varied paths that are our free will. No matter who is on them or what we experience along the way, all of these paths lead to the same destination and will allow us to experience the same learning, albeit in different ways.

If I was to paint a picture of this for you, it would look like a giant spider’s web whereby everything that happens in your life, sparks a reaction that affects the next connecting piece of silk thread.  As we make decisions and choices in our lives every day, there are consequences and they send out energetic vibrations through the giant spider’s web to touch on and affect us and the lives of other people as well.  This is because we are all part of the oneness, or the one spider’s web – interacting, touching, affecting and influencing the lives of others as we grow and learn.